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Here at Like Locals, we have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you something special. We are happy to announce that our new, fully updated 1.0 version of the LikeLocals app is on its way! After countless hours of researching, planning and testing with our early community of supporters, our tech wizards are now working on our new baby, which will be ready and released mid-April. We are going live in 3 cities, including London, Barcelona and Budapest – with many more to follow!

Like Locals’ Story:

Like Locals started out based on the idea that the experience of exploring a city can be greatly enhanced when travellers go off the traditional tourist trails and have the chance to interact with the places and the community.

As avid travellers, the two co-founders, Gabriella Csanyi and Constantinos Los had a passion for discovering the hidden gems of their destinations and learning as much as possible about the stories behind them. However, having a strong dislike for the passive guided tours and unengaging experiences offered by traditional tour companies, they were keen to make their travels an adventure. As a result, the first concept of what Like Locals would become was born.

With the constant support of our early followers and the growing community of locals across several cities, we have created more than 80 self-guided walking tours across the three cities – which transform the urban environment of each city into a lively playground. These itineraries, or Footprints, as we like to call them, are crafted by our locals, and are meant for travelers and locals alike.

What makes Like Locals unique?

  1.     Footprints are on-demand, self-guided and there are no pre-booking commitments like with traditional tours. Users can do them whenever they want at their own pace
  2.     Like Locals turns a city into a real-life game while educating its users through storytelling and interactive technology
  3.     Like Locals offers user-generated content through its community of selected locals, which is constantly being updated

How do footprints work?

Each footprint aims to focus on a specific area and interest to provide a personalized experience to Like Locals’ users, with a focus on guiding explorers to lesser-known places, that would be hard to find without local guidance.

Footprints are designed not only to offer tips to explorers on what sites/places to visit but also to provide information on the story behind the place, the interesting facts, why to visit those places, and what they should do there.

Currently, each footprint consists of at least five steps/locations. Throughout the footprint, the user is presented with information about the location, an image, a map to guide them there, and sometimes a question. In order to move forward, at each spot, the user is required to complete the required action, which they are only able to do when they are in close proximity to the location as the answers can only be found there.

After completing the challenge, the user is taken to the next location. The user can access a Footprint on-demand and either complete it on the spot or save it for later.

And the best part? They are free! No pre-planning, no bookings, no commitments – no problems!


The Like Locals team:

Based in London, UK we are a team of a passionate, dedicated, and diverse group of people with a combined passion for travel, learning, and meeting new people. Whenever we travel we strive to immerse ourselves in the local culture through seeking authentic experiences and interacting with the places and people we stumble upon.

Together, we aspire to change the future of travel by enabling travelers to discover a city like a true local.  Our mission is to help travelers to create powerful connections with their destinations and offer them authentic local experiences. Meet our team:


Screen Shot 2019 03 18 at 10.41.31So after long nights of work and a lot of urban exploration, here we are, getting ready and excited for what is coming. And if you are a passionate explorer yourself looking for your next adventure – then keep an eye out for us.

We are just getting started.

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