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59 Awesome and Alternative Things to Do in Budapest

From sports to unmissable eateries, incredible art exhibitions, iconic attractions and secret spots, this ultimate checklist will guide you around the places to see and very best things to do in Budapest.

erzsebet hill budapest

Budapest is a magical city, with so many fantastic places to see and things to do. Sadly, most people visiting the Hungarian Capital never venture beyond the well-known monuments and sights. So with the help of our Budapest insiders, we’ve shortlisted a selection of the very best offbeat things to do next time you’re in town. From arts, outdoor activities, obscure monuments, mouth-watering food,  iconic attractions, architecture and much more. Follow this guide, and one helluva time is guaranteed.

1. Paddleboard the Danube with SUP


If a river cruise doesn’t fill you up with excitement, then hop on the paddleboard to uncover the breathtaking views, majestic scenery and mesmerising architecture of Budapest from the Danube. If that sounds up your street, then SUP Budapest will hook you up with a safe, well organised and adventurous experience.

Insiders Tip: SUP Budapest have a jam-packed calendar, with sessions throughout the year, with more frequent meetings taking place in the summer.

2. Bike around the City Park 

view across a green brown coloured pond which is surrounded by greenery and vajdahunyad castle

Pick up a Mol Bubi or Donkey Republic Bike and head for a relaxing bike labyrinth-like roads in Budapest’s iconic City Park. Along the way, you’ll see Vajdahunyad Castle, Széchenyi Thermal Bath and vast green spaces filled with trees. 

Insiders TipMake a pit-stop at Tóterasz for a refreshing lemonade and try their burgers too. Oh, and if you’re a biking enthusiast, then check out our Essential Guide to Biking Around Budapest for more epic routes. 

3. Get Some R & R at the Thermal Baths 

sunsetting over the outdoor pool area of the yellow facaded szechenyi thermal baths in budapest

Deep beneath Budapest is a network of mineral-rich thermal springs that supply the city’s iconic baths and spas. The Széchenyi Bath is easily the most popular, but there are a whole host of alternative options if you’re looking for a more local experience. 

Insiders Tip: The thermal bath is less crowded during the weekdays. The early afternoons are usually calm, so head down then for the best experience. Check out our guide to Budapest’s best thermal baths to see the bathing options you have in Budapest. 

4. Buy Local Produce at the Central Market Hall

a birds eye view of budapest's great market hall which is filled with shoppers buying local

The Central Market Hall is by far the most popular of all Budapest’s indoor markets. It’s always a hive of activity, with vendors lining up inside this maze-like structure and selling the very best local produce, food and drink. Although very popular amongst tourists, it’s still a place where locals come to do their shop. 

Insiders Tip: Make sure you have some cash, as a lot of vendors don’t accept card payment. Check out our Budapest money guide for tips and advice on how to make the most out of your money. 

5. Sip Some Traditional Hungarian wine

wine bottles lined up in the cave

Hungary has a thriving wine culture, with an eclectic selection of reds, whites and roses produced in it’s six major wine regions. As a result, there are plenty of wine bars and restaurants in Budapest where you can sample something spectacular.

Local Tip: Kadarka is a must-visit joint if you’re a fan of Hungarian wines. They also have an outdoor bar on Margit Island in the summer that’s worth visiting. Yet If you want a truly unique wine experience, head over to the Faust Wine Cellar. A dark, moody and romantic wine bar built inside a 13th-century network of caves. 

6. Experience the Local Ruin Pub Culture 

the quirky interior of csendes ruin bars which has dolls pictures mirrors and artwork lining it's walls

Ruin bars are on top of everyone’s to-do list when visiting Budapest. They embody the rise of an alternative and rebellious counter-culture amongst Hungarians after the soviets left. Although now a shadow of their former glory, the crazy decor, quirky decorations and furniture are still trendy amongst tourists. 

Local Tip: Check out our guide to Budapest’s best ruin bars to see where you should check out. 

7. Have Some Cocktails at Romai Part Beach

Fellini Római Budapest outdoor bar with striped deck chairs lined up on facing the water

Budapest has everything you could want in a city, aside from a beach. Yet if you still fancy a beach experience, then head down to Római Part. This Roman “beach” is the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city and spend a summers afternoon chilling in the sun.

Local Tip: It’s a great place to have a picnic or a few beverages with friends. Bring your own or head to one of the bars nearby. Fellini is a great option, where you can sip some spritzers, enjoy some grub and park your booty on a deck chair watching the sunset. Check out our post about the best bars with terraces in Budapest for more options

8. Go treasure hunting at Ecseri Flea Market

an assortment of

Whether you fancy getting a unique souvenir or are looking to appease your inner hoarder, the Ecseri Flea Market is a must-visit spot. Here you’ll find all kinds of weird and wonderful treasures to take back with you.

Local Tip: The market open 7 days a week, but it’s best to go there on Saturday morning. You can walk around the whole place in a few hours. Make sure to bargain and arrive with enough cash as credit cards are not accepted.

9. Hunt Down Magical Murals in District VII

Wall cartoon street art in budapest 7th district that has a man in a suite surrounded by ducks with orange and red writing that says ANTALLTALES

The 7th District has become somewhat of a street art gallery, with intriguing artwork visible across the walls and buildings that line the streets. From graffiti, gigantic handpainted murals to obscure sticker art and much more. 

Insiders Tip: If you’re keen on learning more about the stories behind the street art, then be sure to book a tour with Atilla from Budapest Flow. He’ll tell you the tales and also help you find District VII’s hidden street art that most people miss.

10. Escape to Margit Island 

the fountains shooting water up with trees and a bkue sky in the backdrop

Named after Saint Margeret, this green island oasis sits slap bang in the centre of the Danube. It’s a great place to head if you’re looking for a change of surroundings, with green spaces and trees substituting the busy roads and buildings of the city. There’s so much to do and see here, from ancient ruins and Japanese gardens to outdoor running tracks, bars and vast green spaces where you can picnic. 

Local Tip: There’s a soft running track here which is ideal all times of the year. If you’re not a fitness type, then be sure to try some Hungarian wine at Kadarka Bárka. The iconic Hungarian wine spot operates an outdoor bar here in the summer. 

11. Get Reading at Szabó Ervin Library

two people sat reading in the palace like szabo-ervin-library

Fancy spending a couple of hours reading a book, but away from the noise? Well, the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library is the place to go. The Neo-Baroque Weinckheim Palace has a vast library of books you can browse and get stuck in. Even if you don’t want to read, the decor of the building will leave you in awe and is worth a visit. 

Local Tip: Make sure to go up to level 4 and take a look at all the reading rooms. Each has a different style and atmosphere, with its grand decor providing a perfect setting for you to unleash your inner bookworm. 

12. Enjoy the View at Gellért Hill

two people stood enjoying a panoramic view on Budapest from Gellert hill

Gellért Hill is a striking feature of the riverfront on the Buda side of the city. Climbing the hill doesn’t take more than an hour, but the most breath-taking panoramic views unfold in front of you once you’re up there. 

Local Tip: Climb up to hilltop fortress known as a Citadella just before the sun goes down. The view of Budapest whilst the sun goes down is something that you won’t want to miss. 

13. Cross the iconic Chain Bridge

the iconic off stone and blue metal chain bridge

There are so many bridges in Budapestbut the most iconic has to be Széchenyi Chain Bridge. Built-in 1840, it was the first bridge that was constructed and played a key role in connecting the Buda and Pest sides of the city. 

Local Tip: The Chain bridge has offers some epic views on both sides of Budapest. A perfect place to get a few snaps for the gram, especially at sunset. Be respectful though, it’s still used by pedestrians so don’t be that annoying tourist and stop in the middle of the walkway. 

14. Cool down with an ice pop at Anjuna

Two ice pops and a lemonade.

The delicious ice-pops at Anjuna provide the perfect relief from the scorching heat of the Budapest Summer. This ice-pop institution operates five different stores and is only open from April to October. 

Local Tip: Visit the one at Szent István square and enjoy the spectacular views of the St. Stephens Basilica while enjoying a mouth-watering ice-pop. They also do some decent acai bowls and even have dog-friendly pops if you have a pet pooch. 

15. Buy local produce at Czakó Kert

people browsing local produce at the Czakó Kert marketplace

Start your Sunday morning at Czakó Kert Market to find fresh local produce and unique items you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. From fresh vegetables and fruits to homemade cheese, flowers and much more. . 

Local Tip: Make your visit complete with a delicious brunch at the Czakó Bistro.

16. Ride the Oldest Metro Line in Europe

Budapest yellow tram m1 underground red poles

The Millenium Metro (M1) is the oldest underground line in all of continental Europe having been in operation since 1896. It’s route cuts through the heart of the city, from Mexikói street to Vörösmarty Square, and has some iconic sights and places of interest along the way. It’s a slightly more bumpy ride the M3 and M2, but worth boarding just for the experience. 

Local Tip: Avoid peak times. Most people travel on M1 in the morning and in the afternoon, going home from work. Get on around 10:00 AM or just after lunchtime for a less crowded experience. Check out our Complete Budapest Transport Guide  for more info on how to buy tickets, prices and much more

17. Watch the sunset from Bálna Terasz

Bálna Terasz Budapest outdoor bar at sunset

Look on both sides, and you’ll see some stunning historical building line the banks of the Danube, with Bálna being an exception. Also known as the “the whale”, this giant glass structure stands out like a sore thumb. It has many functions, but its terrace is a great place to stop for an afternoon snack or evening drinks while you watch the sun go down. 

Local Tip: Come here with your friends and share one of the signature drinks of Bálna, served in 1L buckets. Beautiful views, great vibes, tasty food and drink. 

18. Support Local Creators

handmade jewelry

Budapest has a thriving design scene, with talented creatives creating a selection of colourful and diverse products. From handmade jewellery, clothing, arts, crafts and much more. You’ll definitely find something that will catch your eye. 

Design Stores you Should Visit: PrintaMono Art & Design, RododendronPALOMANanushkaRetrock and many more. 

19. Uncover Communist History at House of Terror

the budapest soviet history museum known as

Hungary has a turbulent history, having been invaded by foreign forces as far back as Roman times. The most recent forces to try and conquer the Magyars were the soviets, who successfully held an iron grip on the nation for years. Housed in the former building of the Communist Secret Police, the House of Terror will take you back with tales, artefacts and exhibits from this era. 

Local Tip: They have a permanent exhibits, as well as regular rotation of temporary pieces for you to see. Check out their website to see what’s on right now. 

20. See Budapest From Above at the Erzsébet Lookout


Situated at the summit of 528m tall János Hill, the Erzsébet Lookout offers the most stunning birds-eye view of Budapest and beyond. The view here is epic at all times, but especially at sunset.

Local Tip: You can get the chairlift up the hill or walk; either way, the journey to its peak is also incredible. 

21. Try Some Cholent at Rosenstein Vendéglő


Rosenstein is a family-run joint that oozes homely vibes and offers a selection of tasty Hungarian bites and sips. All the food here is fantastic, but one dish you have to try is the Cholent. A classic Jewish meal that’s usually eaten at Sabbath, that’s made with white beans with smoked meats, eggs, paprika and onions.

Insiders Tip: Cholent aside, they have an eclectic selection of dishes on their permanent menu, but also have a variety of rotating specials. Check out what’s on offer on their Facebook page. 

22. Enjoy the view from Fishermans Bastion

a crowded view of the storybook style hill fort known as fishermans bastion

Fisherman’s Bastion is amongst the most recognisable sights in Budapest. The construction of the current structure finished in 1851, yet there has been a castle fortification here since the middle ages. Today it’s stunning architecture, and magical views continue to captivate the people of Budapest and Beyond.

Local Tip: Go there in the late afternoon. It’s less crowded at that time, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to listen to street musicians’ while watching how the lights of the city lit up. 

23. Join the Outdoor Party on Liberty Bridge

a crowded green liberty bridge filled with people doing yoga

Photo: Attila Olah Photography

The liberty bridge has been a major crossing point for locals since 1896. Sadly, the initial bridge suffered significant damage during the wars, before being reconstructed and opened in 1945. Today, the bridge connects Gellért tér and Fővám tér, with cars and people passing across it daily.

Local Tip: Every July the bridge is pedestrianised and you’ll find locals having picnics, beers and even mass yoga sessions taking place. The vibe on a sunny summer afternoon is electric, with all different types of people coming together to have a good time. Make sure you also stay for the sunset which is second to none. 

24. Hop Aboard the Children’s Train

red and white train

Head a short distance out of the city and enjoy the scenic 11 km ride on the iconic train driven by schoolchildren, under the watchful eye of adults of course. The train takes you away from the crowds into the serenity high up in the Buda hills. 

Local Tip: If you want to learn more about the history of the children’s train, then get off at the Hűvösvölgy. This station has a museum dedicated to the children’s trains plight under communist rule. 

25. Climb Up the Dome at St. Stephen’s Basilica


When it comes to stunning architecture, the neo-renaissance St. Stephens’s Basilica is amongst the best in Budapest. With people crowding outside every day to capture its majestic beauty. The interior is equally as impressive, and if you do plan on going inside, then be sure to head to the lookout point at the dome. The view is breathtaking. 

Insiders’ Tip: Aside from the decor, the basilica has plenty of other artefacts that will leave you in awe. One of the most obscure is the mummified hand of Hungary’s founding father, St Stephen. This relic is on display in a glass case and plays a key role the 20th August Parade to commemorate the founding of Hungary. After you’ve explored the Basilica, head over to the High Note SkyBar next door for a cocktail and cracking view.

26. Have a Picnic by Feneketlen tó

trees and bushes around surrounded water with a fountain at the centre and a grand old building in the distance

Also known as the Bottomless lake, Feneketlen tó is an excellent setting for a few beers with friends on a hot summers day. Surprisingly calm to say it’s in Budapest’s 11th District. 

Local Tip: The park also has a tennis court, running track and a street workout equipment if you fancy keeping fit. If you’re feeling peckish, then checkout Hemmingway restaurants banging buffet. 

27. Eat Chimney Cake at Molnár’s Kürtöskalács


If you have a sweet tooth, then you can’t leave Budapest without trying some chimney cake. Known in Hungarian as Kürtöskalács, this he iconic pastry is made using a soft dough that’s baked above hot charcoal. You can buy it in so many places, but few can match the quality and taste of Molnár’s Kürtöskalács. 

Local Tip: The classic Kürtöskalács here is terrific, but Molnár offers a variety of different flavours and topping for those feeling slightly more adventurous.

28. See the Sights Aboard Tram Number 2


If you’re hungover from the night before, or too tired to walk any further, then jump on the Number 2 Tram. Along the route, you’ll see Gellért Hill, Buda Castle, Fishermans Bastion, Hungarian Parliament, the iconic bridges of Budapest and much more. It’s a genuinely unique experience you won’t find elsewhere. 

Local Tip: Get on in the early afternoon to avoid the commuting crowd, or ride the tram in the dark.  

29. Munch on some Michelin Star Food 


If you’re in the mood for some fine dining, then head to one of Budapest’s six Michelin-starred eateries. Costes, Costes Downtown, Stand, Babel and Borkonyha Wine kitchen all hold a single star. With the iconic Onyx restaurant being the only achieving the coveted double Michelin star accolade. 

Local Tip: Make sure you plan your visit and book a table in advance. 

30. Find the Mini Statues around Budapest

kermit (1 of 1)

Tired of seeing the same old statues, then head out on an adventure to find the very best miniature statues around Budapest. Created by artist Mihály Kolodko, there are around 20 mini statues scattered around the city, each depicting something different and with a unique story behind it.

Insiders Tip: It’s a great way to explore the city with an added element of challenge and surprise. Try the self-guided mini statue trail in the Like Locals app and start exploring today. Available for free on iOS or Android devices.  

31. Stroll through the Roman ruins at Aquincum


Back in the Roman era,  Hungary was called Pannonia and the area we know today as Budapest was the site of an ancient city called Aquincum. Today, the Romans have gone, but the ruins of Aquincum are still there for you to see. This includes the remains of temples, shops and thermal baths. Yes, that’s right. Even the Romans loved to soak in the mineral-rich waters. 

Insiders Tip:  Visit the Aquincum Museum to get a closer look at the ancient ruins and learn more about what life was like back then. Guided tours are also available but will require you to book 7 days in advance. 

32. Join a yoga session at Várkert Bazaar

várkert -bazaar.jpg

Várkert Bazaar is a stunning complex where you can get your yoga on and achieve some inner zen by the Danube, with a stunning view towards Pest. The structure you see today is the result of extensive restoration work after years of destruction and neglect left Várkert Bazaar in dire conditions. Yoga side, the Bazaar operates as a cultural and events space, with so much going on.

Local Tip: Várkert Bazaar organizes many fantastic programs, so check their website and join to other fun activity too.

33. See Contemporary Art at Deak Erika Gallery

Deák Erika Gallery

Explore the world of contemporary art at Budapest’s renowned Deák Erika Galéria. Inside you’ll find an eclectic selection of art of a variety of mediums, from paintings, sculptures and photographs, from local and international artists. 

Local Tip: The gallery has a rotating line of artwork and is definitely worth the visit if you’re in town. The current exhibition will last until September and features the works of artist Zsófi Barabás. 

34. Devour some Eszterházy Cake at Daubner

Eszterházy torta

If you’re a sweet tooth, then you can’t leave Budapest without devouring a slice of Eszterházy cake. This traditional Hungarian dessert is made of soft dough, with multiple layers of vanilla and rum infused buttercream and topped off with walnuts. Head over to Daubner to try one of the best Eszterházy cakes in Budapest.

Local Tip: Eszterházy cake aside, Daubner has a massive selection of cakes and pastries. So once you’ve had a slice of cake, get an assortment of other treats to go. 

35. Get Shopping on Andrassy Avenue & Fashion Street


If you’re looking to get some retail therapy, then the stores at Andrassy Avenue and Fashion Street will do the job. With a whole host of well known international and local brands for you to choose from.

36. Visit the Unicum Museum


Unicum is an iconic herbal liquor made in Budapest since 1790 by the Zwack family. Initially drunk as an aperitif or digestif, the beverage has now become the preferred drink for party animals. The recipe is a secret, but you can sample and learn more about this beloved drink at their production site in Ferencváros.

Local Tip: Get public transportation so you can taste the alcoholic drink straight from the oak barrel without having to worry about how you’ll get home. The production site is right next to Dandár Thermal Bath so that you can take a dip before or after. 

37. Try water sport at Lupa Beach

Lupa Beach

Lupa is a faux beach built on former pit lake, transformed to a replicate the ultimate summer beach experience that Budapest didn’t have. It’s a decent place to chill, with plenty of seats where you can lounge. If you’re feeling active, there are a whole host of sporting activities on offer. From volleyball, handball, wakeboarding and much more. 

Insiders tip: There is an entry fee which varies based on whether you’re looking a for a standard bay area or premium beach experience. Check the website for more info. Honestly, it’s a bit overpriced, but if you’re looking for a beach experience, it’s worth a shot. 

38. Meet the Martyrs at Heroes’ Square


Known in Hungarian as Hősök tere, this buzzing city square is always full of life. With curious travellers heading here to capture the beauty and learn more about stories behind the magical monuments here. In total, the statue complex features two colonnades with 18 Statues of iconic Magyars and a striking structure known as the millennium monument that rises above into the sky.

Local Tip: Hop aboard the M1, Budapest’s oldest underground metro line to get here. Once you’ve done strolling around, stop by the outdoor terrace at Cafe Kara for an ice-cold beer and shisha.

39. Taste and Learn More About Pálinka

magyar palinka haz-1-3

Pálinka is a fruity brandy that’s become a national symbol of Hungary and synonymous with wild parties. However, it was initially drunk for medicinal purposes as far back to the 14th century. It’s a potent concoction that will knock your socks off if you have too many but is a must-try if you’re in town. 

Local Tip: Avoid the touristy bars and head over to our insiders’ top picks for an authentic Palinka Experience. These include the House of Hungarian PálinkaAz Öszvér & Pálinka Bar Shop Museum 

40. Head Inside the Hungarian Parliament Building


Opened in 1904, this magnificent neo-gothic structure is arguably the most beautiful parliament building in the world. The exterior is insane, covered with intricate monuments and statues crafted with unparalleled precision. Although quite touristy,  we’d recommend taking a guided tour, where you’ll get the chance to see the artefacts and remnants of country’s turbulent and regal past.

Local Tip: If you want to capture the exterior of the Parliament in all its glory, then head over to the Buda side of the city. From here, you’ll get an insane picture for the gram. 

41. Uncover the History of Hungarian Jews


Budapest’s 7th district is renowned for being the life of the party but has a horrific past that most people don’t know. Back in 1944-1945, it was a run-down ghetto where a large chunk of the Jewish community was kept before being shipped off to Auschwitz.

Insiders’ Tip:  There are plenty of spots you should visit if you want to learn more about the plight of Hungarian jews. Below are our insiders’ top picks;

Holocaust Memorial Centre |  Shoes of the Danube | Dohány Street Synagogue

42. Take a Stroll by the Danube 


It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Buda or Pest side of the city, a stroll by the Danube is the best way to see captivating sights and scenery in Budapest for free.

Insiders Tip: If you’re on the pest side, start at Liberty Bridge and conclude your walk at the iconic Margit Bridge. The entire route takes around 40 minutes from start to finish, but give yourself at least 2 hours to stop and see some of the epic monuments and sights along the way. 

43. See the Communist Statues in Memento Park


For 40 years the Soviets ruled Hungary with an iron fist, controlling all aspects of life. Nationalistic symbols were removed and replaced with communist monuments. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, these statues were given a new home in Memento Park. There are over 40 statues for you to see, so it’s worth checking out if you’re interested in seeing something different. 

Insiders’ Tip: It’s a slight distance from the centre. To get here, take the M4 from Kálvin tér to Kelenföld vasútállomás. Then the 101E bus from Kelenföld vasútállomás to the Memento park stop. 

44. Enjoy an Outdoor Handpan Jam Session


Budapest has no shortage of live music venues and events for you to enjoy. However, if you’re seeking a slightly more mystical experience, head up to the philosophers garden where you can jam to sounds of the Handpan. 

Insiders’ Tip: Good people, chilled vibes and relaxing music. The perfect way to spend an afternoon if you’re in town and if you’re interested Click Here For More Info.  While you’re here, check out the famous statues that feature iconic religious leaders and global figures such as Wagner, Mahatma Gandhi and Moses.

44. Try Aranygaluska at Felix Kitchen Bar


If you’re craving something sweet and fulfilling then a bit Aranygaluska and custard will do the trick. Traditionally eaten for dessert, this Jewish Hungarian dish consists of yeast dough balls dipped in melted butter and coated in sugar and walnuts. To devour the very best version of this dessert in Budapest, then head over to Felix Kitchen Bar.

Insiders’ Tip: Don’t fancy eating out, then check out our guide to 51 Traditional Hungarian Foods, where we have some more info and recipes for you to make your own Aranygaluska at home.

45. Grab Some Breakfast at Villa Bagatelle


Start your day off right by heading out of the crowded touristy spots for some grub at Villa Bagatelle. Set in a converted house in the Buda Hills, this joint has plenty of breakfast and brunch options that will satisfy your appetite. The main cafe is on the second floor and has a fantastic outdoor terrace which gets pretty packed in the summer. 

Insiders’ Tip: Our insiders’ pick would be the french toast, and poached eggs washed down with some fresh orange juice and a cup of Daniel Mosser special blend coffee. On the ground floor, you’ll find the Brót Bakery, so be sure grab some pastries for the road. 

46. Adventure Inside the Caves of Budapest


Hot thermal springs have been bubbling beneath Budapest for millions of years, giving rise to a mindblowing maze of around 200 caves and caverns for you to explore. So if you’re in town and looking to do something slightly different, head into the depths for an unforgettable underground adventure. 

Insiders’ Tip: Be sure to book in advance, as on the spot entry isn’t permitted. Check out Cave Tours in Budapest for bookings and info on all the tours. 

47. Sample the Best Craft Beer in Budapest


Dreher and Soproni are two popular beers you’ll find on tap in most boozers in Budapest. However, beyond these two brands, Budapest has a burgeoning craft beer scene. With several microbreweries in and around the city producing top quality lagers, pilsners and IPA’s that will appease the palates of the most ardent connoisseurs.

Insiders’ Tip: Check out our Ultimate Guide to Drinking Craft Beer in Budapest for more info on the different breweries, beers and our top picks for where you should go in Budapest to get your drink on. 

48. Nosey around Nepsziget


Also known as Mosquito Island’, Nepszgiet was once a flourishing part of Budapest, filled with factories, green spaces and holiday homes. After falling out favour, the area has a more rough and ready vibe with abandoned warehouses and buildings throughout. Due to its decline, it’s an idyllic place to explore if you’re seeking some peace and tranquillity away from the business of Budapest. 

Insiders Tip: To get here, grab the M3 underground from Nyugati railway station to Újpest-városkapu which takes around 15 minutes. Once here, take a stroll along the Danube with a view of Újpesti vasuti hid’ aka the ‘New Pest Railway bridge’ in the distance. After spending the afternoon unwinding by the water, head over to  WasserKabin, and Perem for the ultimate offbeat bar crawl you won’t remember. 

49. Enjoy the views at Sas-hegy


Divided between District XI and District XII, Sas-hegy is a hilltop nature reserve that’s part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park. It covers an area of 30 Acres, offering visitors a relaxing escape and the chance to learn more about the history and natural ecosystem of the city. Plus views over Budapest that many would argue are easily the best around. 

Insiders’ Tip: Entry to the exhibition and lookout will set you back around 700 HUF. However, if you fancy getting learning more about the area, you can opt for a more in-depth tour of the area with a field guide. The cost of this is around 1400 HUF per person—great value for money and an excellent offbeat activity for people of all ages. 

50. Get Your Caffeine Fix at a Speciality Coffee Shop


Finding good coffee when travelling can be quite a challenge. However, in Budapest, you won’t have this problem, as the city is full of great cafes where you can get a cracking cuppa. 

Insiders’ Tip: Check out our insiders’ guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Budapest for more info and some inspo on where you can get your fix.

51. Uncover the Giant Murals of Józsefváros

macska (1 of 1)

Budapest’s District VIII is an offbeat and upcoming neighbourhood of Budapest. On the one hand, you stunning buildings where the Hungarian aristocrats once lived. On the other, you have the rough and rugged parts, dominated by run-down tower blocks. Luckily, artistic collective Szines Varos has begun transforming these dull buildings with a series of massive colourful murals featuring iconic Hungarian cartoons.

Insiders’ Tip: This is a must-see if you’re looking to uncover some unique pieces beyond the usual suspects of District VII’s street art scene. Download the Like Locals app to see and enjoy a free self-guided Palace District Street Art Adventure. 

Download Like Locals on the App Store | Download Like Locals on Google Play

52. Take a day trip to Szentendre


After you’ve ticked off most options on your Budapest bucket list, make a short excursion to Szentendre. With its cobbled paths, majestic squares, eclectic design shops and cosy restaurants providing visitors with a slightly more local experience than Budapest. It’s an ideal spot for a day trip beyond Budapest, accessible via a 20 minute journey on the H5 train. 

Local Tip: Although slightly more offbeat then Budapest, Szentendre is still super popular amongst domestic and international tourists. To see what there is to do and see here, check out our article on 15 Hungarian Towns and Cities you Should Visit Beyond Budapest

53. Get Creative at the Mitter Sisters Studio


Creativity is an innate characteristic all humans have, but most fail to explore and never use. Suppressed into hibernation by the stresses and mundanity of everyday life. You can get your creative juices flowing again at one of the many workshops organised throughout the city. Check out our insiders picks below:

Make Sushi at Senbazuru | Jewelry Crafting at Miko | Bag making  at Mitter Sisters

54. Get Fricking Wild at Sziget Festival


The arrival of summer signals the start of festival season across Europe. In Hungary, there is a decent selection of both small and massive festivals where you get lost to the sound of music. The most famous and significant festival by far is Sziget. Taking place in August, this annual extravaganza is one of the largest in Europe. With festival week resulting in the transformation of Budapest, which is packed full of partygoers heading to Óbudai-Sziget Island to have one helluva time. 

Insiders’ Tip: The future of Sziget is evidently in doubt, however, if you do decide to attend, be sure to check out the Essential Sziget Festival Survival Guide for top tips and information on what’s happening. 

55. LOL at a Comedy Show


Although not as well established as some other European cities, the comedy circuit in Budapest is going from strength to strength. With regular open mics where anyone can get involved, to bigger shows with well-known comics taking place in venues across the city for you to enjoy. 

Insiders’ Tip: If you’re a fan of the open mic concept, then head down to Magic Mic for a fun-filled night.  This comedy collective organises series of seriously funny events where you can LOL as an audience member, and even get on stage if you’re feeling brave. All the performances are in English, the crowd is chill and the organisers super friendly. Good vibes and laughter guaranteed. 

56. Shake Off the Stress at Karaoke


Created by the Japanese, Karaoke is a universally loved activity where you can shake off the stress and look like an idiot without having to worry. So if you’re feeling a bit low, hit the high notes and belt out some bangers at one of Budapest’s epic Karaoke bars. It’s a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re new to Budapest. 

Insiders’ Top Picks: Vibe Rooms| Bluebird Karaoke Rooms | Why Not Cafe & Bar

57. Get Your Skates On at an Outdoor Ice Rink


Ice skating is a bonafide Budapest winter tradition, with epic outdoor rinks opening up across the city in time for the festive season. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, get your skates, ride the ice and have yourself one helluva time. 

Insiders Tip: Check out our insiders guide to the Best Ice Skating rinks in Budapest to see where you can go to get your skate on. 

58. Get in the Festive Spirit at a Christmas Market


Nothing signals the start of the festive season in Budapest quite like the arrival of the iconic Christmas markets. With vendors across many city squares selling all kinds of things, from mulled wine and delicious traditional Hungarian fare, to handmade crafts and much more. It’s an experience that would even get Scrooge into the Christmas spirit. 

Insiders Tip: There are so many great Christmas markets in Budapest, choosing which one to go to is the tricky part. Check out our guide to the Best Christmas Markets in Budapest for some inside tips to help you decide.

60. Play Pinball at the Flippermúzeum



Budapest’s iconic Flippermúzeum is the go-to place where Pinball wizards head to relive the memories of a childhood spent at the arcades. From the standard and well-known to the unique, rare and obscure. The team behind this joint have done a great job in compiling a massive selection of pinball machines for you to play. 

Insiders’ Tip: You can play away to your heart’s content with a standard ticket that costs 3500 HUF (9 Euros). Or if you fancy having the whole space to yourself, venue rental starts 30,000 HUF (85 Euros). Visit their website for more info. 

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