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The Best Late Night Food in Budapest

With the help of our local insiders, in this guide we’ve narrowed down the places where you should go to grab the best late-night food in Budapest.

people walking down the street in front of restaurant called burger market at night

If you’ve spent the night downing craft beers at a local drinking den, or dancing at one of Budapest’s nightclubs or ruin bars, you’ll most definitely be feeling peckish. If that’s the case, then there are plenty of restaurants where you can grab some late-night food in Budapest. From bars where you can dine whilst you drink. To fast-food joints serving kebabs, burgers and pizzas. The choice of food available is pretty extensive, the only problem you’ll have is deciding where to eat. With the help of our local insiders, we’ve narrowed down the best spots where you should go to grab some late-night food in Budapest.

Not a Fan of Fast Food?

If a slice of pizza or gyros doesn’t tantalise your taste-buds, then there a few spots you can check out if your searching for some late-night food in Budapest. These options not only offer great grub but a good selection of boozy beverages for you to drink. Ideal if you’re feeling peckish, but aren’t quite ready to call it a night.

Fekete Kutya

two glasses of red wine a tapas on a table

Located in the heart of 7th district, this Dob utca drinking den is a firm favourite amongst the city’s hippest locals. Although its great selection of craft beers and spirits put it on the map, the food on offer here is also fantastic. The menu isn’t massive, but everything served will certainly satisfy your salivary glands. If you fancy something wholesome and hearty, try the chicken sandwich. If you’re with a group of friends then go for the tapas. There’s an eclectic selection of small plates on offer, perfect for sharing. It’s open most days till 1AM, however, opening hours extend till 2AM from Thursday to Saturday.

Location: Dob utca | Click Here For More Info

Mazel Tov

plates of hummus falafel salad on the counter

A real jewel of the Jewish Quarter, Mazel Tov is ideal if you fancy combining a night out experience with some good grub. Located on Akácfa utca, this upscale ruin bar offers a good selection of boozy beverages and a mezze of mouthwatering treats from the middle eastern-inspired menu. So get yourself a traditional Israeli beef kebab, and a cracking cocktail or glass of Hungarian wine to wash it all down. It’s open till 1AM most days and till 2AM on Friday and Saturday. The perfect place to start your night, or to conclude your quest for late-night food in Budapest.

Location: Akácfa utca | Click Here For More Info


plate of carrots cottage cheese brown bread

Located on Kis Diófa utca, in the heart of Budapest’s bustling Jewish Quarter. Kisüzem is an artsy watering hole is frequented by free-thinking spirits who pass through its doors to drink on the daily. However, beyond the eclectic selection of boozy beverages, they also have a kitchen serving a smorgasbord of tasty treats for you to pig out on. From the soul-warming soups, gorgeous grilled sandwiches to small plates of scintillating snacks. The spot is open till 2AM from Sunday to Wednesday, and 3AM from Thursday to Saturday. 

Location: Kis Diófa utca | Click Here For More Info

Vicky Barcelona

bull matador tiles on wall in restaurant

Located on the bustling passageway called Gozsdu Udvar, Vicky Barcelona is a trendy tapas bar that offers an authentic Iberian experience in the heart of Budapest. The interior evokes a cosy Latino vibe, with a weird and wonderful patterned floor, and ornate tiles that line the walls throughout. If that sounds good, just wait till you sample the food, as the menu has a huge choice of scrumptios small plates to please your palate. It’s open till late every night, but up till an astonishing 5AM on Friday and Saturday. So if your craving some tapas for your late-night food in Budapest, then be sure to pop check this spot out.

Location: Dob utca | Click Here For More Info

Fancy Some Fast Food?

Few things can satisfy the soul after a long night of drinking than some junk food. If you agree, then you’ll be spoilt for choice, as their a plenty of places where you can grab some late-night food in Budapest of this kind. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve selected some of the best spot’s for you to try.

Pizza Me

pizza on display inside pizza restaurant in budapest

If a greasy kebab doesn’t tantalise your taste buds, then Pizza Me is the perfect place to pig out. After opening the doors of their first restaurant in 2013, they have become a staple amongst partygoers for some late-night food in Budapest. So popular in fact that they now boast 16 restaurants in the city. With the Sas Utca, Erzsébet krt and Király utca branches serving superb pizza by the slice till 6AM from Thursday to Sunday. The selection of toppings on offer is extensive, from classics like Margherita, prosciutto Cotto and pepperoni, to obscure options like Nutella.

Location: Various Locations | Click Here For More Info

Pesti Pipi Nyugati

yellow white chicken shop sign

If you’re craving some high-quality and comforting late-night food in Budapest, then look no further Pesti Pipi Nyugati. Located on Váci utca, this small restaurant has gained notoriety for serving a superb selection of stomach pleasing fast food. All made fresh to order. From palate-pleasing hamburgers to fantastic finger-licking chicken sandwiches, that put Colonel Sanders to shame. The best thing is that they’re open 24 hours, another reason why they’ve fast become the favourite spot for partygoers looking for some late-night food in Budapest.

Location: Váci út | Click Here For More Info

Szeráj Turkish Restaurant

man serving customer in a turkish restaurant in budapest

Gyros is usually the go-to food for people looking from some late night food in Budapest. With the Turkish dish firmly finding it’s placed in the hearts of tourists and locals alike. The city is littered with gyros spots, but if you’re looking for some good quality and authentic grub, then Szeráj should be at the top of your list. Located on Szent István krt, this cafeteria-style restaurant doesn’t stop at delightful gyros, it also offers a whole host of other Turkish treats to tantalise your taste buds. From kebabs, falafel, fatoush, hummus, eggplant and more. It’s open till 1AM from Sunday to Thursday, and till 3AM on Friday and Saturday.

Location: Szent István krt. | Click Here For More Info

Zing Burger

tray with seeded bun burger

When it comes to good burgers, few places offer a quality patty and bun like Zing. This burger brand is the bonafide boss of late-night food in Budapest, delighting diners with their top-notch taste bud tingling Burgers. If you’re thinking, “how good are their burgers?”, the fact they have six restaurants across Budapest should be a good indication. However, if you’re on a quest for late-night burger quest, then head to Holló utca, Teréz krt and Király utca branches. These stay open till 12AM from Thursday to Saturday.

Location: Various Locations | Click Here For More Info

Retró Lángos Büfé

father son outside langos stall

If you’re a tourist looking for seeking some traditional late-night food in Budapest, then Langos is a local dish that you have to try. This  Hungarian staple consists of a deep-fried flatbread, usually topped off with sour cream and grated cheese. If this sounds enticing, then there’s no better place to try it then iconic Retró Lángos Büfé. The stall serving this mouth-watering Magyar delicacy is located outside Arany János Metro Station. If you devour the delicious Langos and are looking for something sweet, then they also do palacsinta. A cracking Hungarian style crepe which traditionally comes filled with cottage cheese or Nutella. It’s open from Monday to Saturday till 6AM, perfect if you’ve been partying till the early hours of the morning.

Location: Podmaniczky Frigyes tér | Click Here For More Info

Street Food Karavan

people queuing at late night food court in budapest

If you’re looking for some late-night food in Budapest, but can’t quite decide what you fancy. Then the Street Food Karaván is the ideal place for you to make pit-stop before calling it a night. Located a stone’s throw away from the popular ruin bar, Szimpla Kert. This street food court is home to a good selection of vendors, all serving an eclectic array of tasty food for you to choose from. There’s Mexican by MexKitchen, Italian by Vespa Rossa, Middle-Eastern from Hummusbar and banging BBQ from Smokey Monkies BBQ. They even have an option for all you plant-based people in Las Vegans, quite the rarity when it comes to late-night food.  So if you’re with a group of picky friends looking for some post-night munch, look no further. It’s open from Thursday to Saturday till 1AM.

El Rapido

yellow orange face of Mexican restaurant

If you’ve had a few shots of tequila on your night out, and are about to head out on a quest to find some late-night food in Budapest with a bit of Latino flavour, then the El Rapido Grill and Tequila Bar will go down a treat. This small Mexican buffet spot is super quirky, decorated to the gills with weird and wonderful artistic pieces. To relieve your hunger, you can tuck into some mouth-watering Mexican treats. From burritos, enchiladas, nachos and taco’s, just take a look at the menu and you’ll definitely find something you’ll like. Oh, and If you want to keep the night alive, then El Rapido has a huge selection of top-notch tequila to drink. Head to the basement, get some drinks whilst waiting for your grub to arrive. It opens at 11AM, closing its doors in the early hours of the morning.

Location: Kazinczy utca | Click Here For More Info

Burger Market

people queing to order burgers in a spot for late night

Like the Street Food Karaván, Burger Market is ideal if you’re hunting for late-night food in Budapest with indecisive friends that can’t figure out what they fancy. Located on the super busy Király utca, there are various food options under one roof here. From pasta, tacos, enchiladas, burritos and juicy burgers, all of which are will go down a treat. The place has a great vibe, buzzing with people late into the night. This, combined with music and smells from the food that will make your mouth water. Adding an extra layer of awesomeness to the already amazing ambience. There’s also plenty of seating, perfect if you want to rest your legs before heading off home. It’s open till 2AM on Wednesday and Thursday, and an extra hour on Friday and Saturday

Location: Király utca | Click Here For More Info

Csirke Csibész

green menu filled chicken dishes with prices

In London fried chicken is the favourite post-night out food, with so many spots dotted around from where you can dine. However, in Budapest, this is not the case, with hardly any options for you to choose from. However, Csirke Csibész is one spot where you’re can rely on for some finger-licking chicken late at night. Open till 5AM on Saturdays, this Nagymező utca restaurant offers a mouth-watering selection of perfectly breaded fried chicken dishes to appease your inner carnivore. They have burgers, wings, breasts, legs, and over 15 garnishes for you to choose from. Good quality and very reasonably priced, with a meal deal setting you back no more than 1500 Ft.

Location: Nagymező utca | Click Here For More Info

Searching for some good late-night food in Budapest after a big night shouldn’t be a problem anymore. However, if you wake up the morning after with a sore head, and want to find somewhere to grab some brunch. Be sure to download the Like Locals App, and check out some of the other spots near you. Download now for free, on iOS and Android devices.

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