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Lumas Gallery: The Liberation of Art

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Budapest isn’t known for its arts, which is quite sad as the city is buzzing with creative energy, visible in the form of street art and the many galleries scattered around the city. However, when it comes to contemporary and photographic art, Lumas Budapest is the go-to gallery that’s leading the way.

Art in the Heart of Budapest 


Slap bang in the centre of Budapest, Lumas provides a gateway into the wonderful world of great photo art. The creative collection inside is carefully curated, consisting of museum-quality pieces crafted by the very best artists from around the world. Once you step inside, you’ll see the spectrum of sublime artwork, each with a unique story waiting to be uncovered by you. The immense quality of work on display, combined with their ethos of making art inclusive has made Lumas a favourite amongst all people. From the everyday person to the most astute art enthusiasts around. 

A Portal Into a World of Art Photography


There are many galleries out there, but what makes Lumas special is the strong set of values embedded into everything they do. Susan Sontag, a photography pioneer and creative extraordinaire once said: “To collect photographs is to collect the world.” A simple notion, but one from which Lumas draws inspiration, reflected perfectly in the eclectic collection of art on display. With the walls of the gallery having been adorned by the works of a huge catalogue of artists,  from unknown talent to the most revered icons of modern art. Aside from browsing and buying, Lumas aims to educate and empower its audience to understand the art they see. Through interviews, exhibitions and articles, everyone who walks through their doors can get an insight into the art universe. It’s this drive and passion at the core of its existence that has helped them create an art experience that is truly out of this world. 

Art Should Be for Everyone


In the past, collecting art has been an activity practised by the privileged, and a pipe dream for the everyday person. Lumas have broken down this barrier, by offering amazing art at a variety of prices. Aside from the rare and expensive, the team scour the market to source the very best pieces at a more affordable price range. In line with their goal of making art accessible to everyone. The magnificent artwork that lines the walls will no doubt have you wondering, but all reaching for your wallet to start your very own collection 


A Word from the Manager, Eva Wikonkal

Lumas have 30 locations across the globe, but one of the people responsible for bringing this beautiful art concept to Budapest is the gallery manager Eva Wikonkal. We sat down with Eva to hear her story, why she wanted to bring Lumas to Budapest and what her vision is for the future.

Can you tell us a little bit of yourself and your role at LUMAS?

As the owner of LUMAS Budapest, I arrived in the world of fine art and galleries through my love for interior design and my passion for all things aesthetically pleasing. I work on assisting our collectors with finding those perfect pieces for their homes or offices and I enjoy how our artworks give that finishing touch to a project.

What was the vision in bringing LUMAS to Budapest?

Photography as a branch of the fine arts was still considered something new and unorthodox in the art scene in Budapest when we started LUMAS. (Our gallery is turning 5 years old by the end of this year.) It took considerable effort and continuous work to educate our visitors, partners, and collectors about how to approach photography and how to understand its values. We wanted to open a door in Hungary to this whole new, and swiftly developing art form that is expanding and evolving rapidly, full of creative possibilities. This hard work has led to change: many of our collectors boldly experiment with including photography in their collections, displaying it side by side with paintings or sculptures. 


How do you feel LUMAS aids the process of becoming a first-time collector?

We offer hand-signed, numbered limited editions from up-and-coming artists as well as established masters of the trade. Our museum-quality production and certificate of authenticity for each artwork guarantees you get the real deal, something that keeps its value over time. It is the perfect way to start collecting. Our team of experts are always at hand to offer professional insight and assistance with selection and are keeping two eyes on the art world to be able to advise on artists, artworks, or the selection of pieces for the home. We have photographers and art historians alike so we have you covered from all sides!

What are the current trends in photography and where do you think the industry is heading?

Photography is a relatively new artform, but it has already had its many revolutions. Technology is constantly evolving, presenting artists with new techniques and artistic opportunities every single day. At the same time, photographers experiment with combining contemporary practices with ideas that have been present in the arts since the beginning of time – and what an exciting prospect this is for us! Subjects to look out for are definitely centred around our changing environment, as well as a departure from the staged works towards more honest photography. One thing is for sure: interesting things lie ahead we can’t even imagine today.


What advice would you give novice collectors?

It is of utmost importance to invest in a piece that you connect with in one way or another. Good artwork stands the test of time, think of the unique pieces that are handed down and cherished through generations. Also, the contemporary collector does not just collect for the safe. The point is to display your artworks and use them to create unique spaces. Our curators carefully select the most wanted artworks from the international photo market. 

So, if you’re an art enthusiast who admires the details and craftsmanship, or a complete novice, make sure to pay Lumas a visit next time you’re in Budapest. Follow them on Instagram to see the latest exhibitions they have running, @lumas_budapest. Oh and if you do pop by and want to find awesome things to do nearby, check out the Slow Down and Enjoy The Moments footprint, available on the Like Locals app (iOS & Android).

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