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Food for Thought: Sant Antoni´s best Bites and Sips


If you’re a die-hard foodie embarking on your tasting adventure in Barcelona, then Sant Antoni is an epic neighbourhood to start. To help you find the very best bites and sips in the area, we’ve curated a list of some awesome spots you should check out. 

V de Vermut

V de Vermut.jpg

Vermouth, the afternoon tradition. V de Vermut is known as an undercover cocktail bar among those in the industry. Although it masquerades under the guise of a traditional vermuteria, It boasts a delicious cocktail menu, inspired by vermouth and other appetitive type alcohol. A Vermut is traditionally something you have before a meal, alongside some tapas: and the ones from this kitchen are absolutely mouthwatering. The team here is also superb, constantly bringing a fun vibe, great music and smiles to everyone´s faces. On Wednesdays they have live music, always bringing in new artists, and Sundays they do an Electronic Vermut party with DJ´s throughout the whole day!

My Pick: The Old Fulano and Ceviche (Peruvian dish of raw seafood and delicious sauce)

33 by Santi Ortiz


DISCLAIMER: this is NOT the place to order a mojito- this is a place for cocktail aficionados.

The smallest bar in Barcelona, this little speakeasy vibe place is a local favorite. The spot is actually hidden behind a quite anonymous looking door, so make sure to look for it on a map before you go because it’s quite easy to walk by. Now, if you appreciate the art of a cocktail then you are in the right place. Each drink as you flip through the menu is more appetizing than the next, but don’t worry because you won´t stay thirsty while picking because there is always a welcome drink to ease the choosing. Every drink has a story, and every story is told to you by the bartender, like a narration of taste, making the experience truly intimate and unforgettable.

My Pick: The Carucel


Sant Antoni Glorios

Antoni glorios.jpg

The neighborhood classic. This spot is downright the essence of well-done local gastronomy in a simple environment for an affordable price. I mean it when I say a neighborhood so caught up in offering high end food needs a place this homey to bring it back to reality. The simple menu of a dozen dishes is perfectly curated for a taste explosion. You can find all the Catalan classics, the ham, the croquets, the meatballs, and of course the patatas bravas! Make sure to put this in your stop the next time you roll through the neighborhood.

My Pick: Garbanzos con Gambas (chickpeas with prawns)


La Donuteria


Donuts, those round things, that feel like a warm embrace at every bite you take…mmm. These donuts are special, and I know you have probably read that somewhere before, but this is the real deal guys! They use all natural, organic, and if possible local, ingredients to make their little bites of heaven. The flavor combinations they invent are absolutely off the charts, and they make new flavors every day: make sure to get here early (ish) throughout the day to get the best selection.

Note: On Fridays, they do vegan donuts.

My Pick: Pear “Crumble”



Ronda Sant Pau 59

Hands down the BEST authentic Neapolitan pizza in the city (more than just one of Sant Antoni´s best bites). Let’s recap what Neapolitan pizza has as characteristics: it has a soft and thin crust, the toppings are carefully selected and not over-mounted, the star of it is a well-made base sauce either red or white, all of these characteristics are in perfect harmony making it a lighter pizza to eat. At Pummarola you will have the very best one I have encountered in my quest through the city. Both their Calzone and their Pizza are made in a large brick oven in the center of the restaurant really giving the space an authentic pizzeria vibe.

Our Pick: The Marinara -simple yet absolutely scrumptious.


Juice House

As you walk past the entrance are you find yourself in a beautiful open space with large Windows and cute design. The juice house is all about living your healthies lifestyle right down to the environment you sit in. I pick this place as a brunch favorite in the category of Sant Antoni´s best bites and sips. You can find a wide range of friendly options, be that vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or a twist on classics. It has a simple cuisine but with great flavors, and their juices are cold-pressed, in house, and super refreshing.

My Pick: BRUNCH: Eggs Florentine and a Green Juice, LUNCH: Eggplant with sweet miso, tofu and chives.


Els Sortidors del Parlament

When you think Bodega, think this. Iconic, neo-rustic, and filled to the brim with wine choices. It is a super laid back environment, and you will notice the energy of the place even before you walk in. They source their wines from all over the world, and have an amazing curated selection of them – but I urge you to taste their house vermouth, it’s a game changer. For the food: it is typical Spanish and typically exquisite. Be ready for a tapeo (multiple little plates of food) including their cheese board, ham selection, stuffed peppers, and quail egg omelet. Be sure not to forget ordering the iconic pan tomate (toast with tomato spread).

My Pick: Cheese and Charcuterie Board with a nice glass of Vermut for the company.

Casa Dorita

“An homage to the women who make magic with their stoves.” Have you heard a better slogan than that?! If you grew up in a family where your mother, or maybe your grandmother used to go to the market for the freshest ingredients, this place will transport you right back into her kitchen. They are not about the fuss and fancy schmancy extras, they believe in food made with love and passion. Open from breakfast to dinner, this place is perfect for a quick nibble just as a full out meal. A neighborhood favorite truly one of Sant Antoni´s best bites and sips. Make sure to catch their lunch menu though, they always make great combinations and suggestions at a super budget-friendly price, if you´re looking to satisfy you Paella or Fideua (noodle) craving then come here for Thursday lunch!

My Pick: Juan Manuel Iberian Ham Assortment (no joke, irresistible),  Crab and Mushroom Croquets, and the Surfer Prawn Lollipops.

La bombilla


Looking for a spot with signature cocktails, French cheese, charcuterie boards, great beer on tap, and a relaxed environment…look no further. An elegant atmosphere, where art meets cocktails and sometimes live music. A place with a warm an inviting atmosphere to go with a group or even alone since the guys behind the bar are attentive and caring, you will never feel alone in here. Be sure to check out their Facebook since they always have super cool events!
My Pick: Let the barman take care of you because they will always get it right and always surprise you.

Fish & Chips


The best Fish & Chips outside of the UK, and arguably beats out most of the ones there too. Although we all love this classic, you have to be ready to eat everything on the menu because though this place might seem small, it’s got the FRESHEST and TASTIEST variations of reinvented seafood in the city. I mean look at these mouthwatering dishes:

My Pick: The Fish and Chips (tip: mix the mango chutney with the sour-cream sauce for infinite umami), and the octopus bravas, a twist on the classic Spanish potato ones (beware they are HOT)

Baby Jalebi

Gran Via 452


Punjabi food at its finest, owned by the same family who does Fish and Chips, these brothers opened Baby Jalebi as an homage to the food that they grew up eating. A taste of home for them is a taste of heaven for us. I could write odes of pages and pages about how much I love this place, the spices are perfect, the ambiance is on point, their kebab is just to die for (only to eat more of in heaven)…I think you get the point, you cannot miss out on the experience of this place!

My Pick: Chicken Tikka and Cheese Naan


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