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Vegan Budapest: Where to Eat the Best Plant-Based Food in Town

Budapest has plenty of plant-based eateries that offer a great dining experience. Luckily for you, our insiders have shortlisted the very best places to get some quality vegan food in Budapest. 

Élelem Étterem Budapest
Photo: Élelem Étterem Budapest

When you’re travelling, finding places that do great vegan food is quite a challenge. In Budapest, there are plenty of plant-based eateries that offer a great dining experience. Luckily for you, with the help of our insiders, we’ve shortlisted the very best places to get some quality vegan food in Budapest. 

Fill Good Bakery

Fill Good Bakery

Photo: Fill Good Bakery

Fill Good is a small family-run bakery situated in the heart of Budapest’s 13th District. Famous for its superb selection of tasty vegan pastries and cakes. All made using high quality and organic ingredients sourced from local farmers. The focus here is on keeping things natural. So the food is full of flavour but without the artificial additives inside. The only downside is that they don’t have seating inside. So it’s the ideal place to get a quick grab and go. 

LL Insiders Choice: Make sure you try the cinnamon snail, rustic pizza slices and the Hungarian Pogača. They also have a few items on the menu that are gluten and lactose-free.

Location: Hollán Ernő u. | Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 7.30AM – 7PM, Sat: 8AM-2PM.

Aura Gastro Cafe


Photo: Aura Gastro Cafe

Opened in March 2020, Aura Gastrocafe is a new player in Budapest’s plant-based food scene. Yet in this short space of time has already managed to woo hungry locals. On the menu, you’ll find a decent selection of vegan bites and sips, ideal for any time of the day. From chia bowls, sandwiches and pastries. To quiche, pies, salads, desserts and much more. All washed down with some quality coffee, fresh juice or tea.

LL Insiders Choice: Vegan quiche is quite the rarity in Budapest. So be sure to get a slice with a nice medium roast Pellini coffee to wash it down. Alternatively try the faux grois croissant, where the duck liver pate is replaced with a tasty mushroom paste. It’s not the cheapest, but the price you pay is reflected in the high-quality food you get.

Location: Pozsonyi út | Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM – 8PM.

Great Bistro

great bistro

Photo: Great Bistro

Great Bistro became a staple amongst vegans in Budapest when it opened back in 2016. Times may have moved on, yet this cosy little eatery is more popular than ever before. With hungry diners coming here daily to enjoy some of the best plant-based food in Budapest. They have a permanent A La Carte menu and daily lunch menu filled with a selection of vegan dishes. Some of which are both lactose and gluten-free dishes. From sandwiches, soups, salads, main courses, pancakes, desserts and much more.

LL Insiders Choice: Check out their daily lunch menu. Thich is updated everyday so keep an eye out on their Facebook page to see what’s on offer. Make sure you also try the blueberry pancakes from the A La Carte menu.  A great way to start the day, but also a nice treat at lunch.

Location: Bank u. | Opening hours: Mon, Tue & Fri: 9AM-4PM, Wed & Thu: 9AM-6PM.

Kozmosz Vegán Étterem


Photo: Kozmosz Vegán Étterem

Hungarian cuisine isn’t known to be the most vegan friendlyKozmosz is one local joint looking to change this. By creating quality plant-based versions of some Hungarian classics. The menu here isn’t wholly Hungarian. Yet the local dishes they do, offer diners the nostalgic feeling of being back at grans—one of the reasons why they’ve become a staple amongst Budapest vegans. They also offer gluten-free, and soy-free versions of most things on the menu. So if you have those dietary requirements, ask one of their friendly staff members for more info. 

LL Insiders Pick: They have a fixed A La Carte menu and variety seasonal weekly specials. From the main menu, try the bean goulash—a vegan twist on a Hungarian classic which uses tofu instead of beef. Make sure you also try the tasty Hungarian stew with homemade seitan and nokedli

Location: Hunyadi tér | Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30AM-9PM.

Vega City


Photo: Vega City

Vega City is an excellent option if you’re looking for some decent vegan food in Budapest on a budget. Located on Múzeum krt, this local eatery always has a constant stream of diners going in and out. Most of them pulled in by the irresistibly low prices, great variety and large portions sizes. The food here is simple yet satisfying, with a weekly menu that offers something different every day. Think pasta, stews, sandwiches, soups, salads and much more. It’s ideal for a quick bite to go, but also has plenty of seating if you want to sit inside and eat. 

LL Insiders Pick:  The Vegan Gyros here is insanely goodAlternatively, check out the weekly menu, which has some lovely hot and cold foods. With gluten-free and soy-free options also available. The place gets pretty packed around lunchtime, so head down before or after to avoid the rush.

Location: Múzeum krt. |Opening hours: Mon: 10AM-5PM, Tue-Fri: 10AM-6PM.

Madal Food Bar

Madal food

Photo: Madal Food

Madal was the first pasta restaurant focused on catering to Budapest’s vegan community. A concept that was unique in the region when it opened back in 2017. Since then, things have gone from strength to strength. With hungry locals still heading here to devour some seriously good food. They have a daily menu of four different pasta sauce options. All made fresh, using high-quality natural ingredients. Once you’ve chosen your sauce, select your pasta, with gluten-free options available as well. The dining area is pretty spacious and has a nice zen ambience. Perfect for a spot of lunch on your own or with some friends. 

LL Insiders Pick: The spinach pasta here is delicious and a bit different from the norm. Also, make sure you check out their daily menu to see what else is on offer. If you’re not feeling pasta, then they have some epic vegan sandwiches, quesadillas and desserts on offer. This food bar is part of the famous Madal coffee chain. So if you fancy, get caffeine drink to go with your meal.

Location: Alkotmány u. | Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11.30AM-4PM

Deli’s Vegan Bisztró

Delis Vegan

Photo: Deli’s Vegan

The love project of a former yoga instructor. Deli’s Vegan Bisztró is undoubtedly one of the best vegan restaurants in Budapest. They have a weekly menu, which offers a great variety of healthy foods. From vegetable sausages, sandwiches, warm soups, raw cakes and desserts. Ideal for starting your day or an afternoon bite to keep you fueled up until dinner. The portion sizes here are also generous, especially for the price you pay—great food, friendly staff and good value for money what’s not to love. 

LL Insiders Pick: The Deli burger is a great call, with its delicious vegetable patty, vegan cheese and onion jam. If that doesn’t float your boat, check out their weekly menu  to see what’s on offer.

Location: Szabolcska Mihály u. | Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-3PM

Veganlove Street Food

vegan love

Photo: Vegan Love

Vegan Love is one of the new kids on Budapest’s vegan food scene. With its menu of plant-based street food winning the hearts of Budapest vegans. On offer are a variety of burgers, hotdogs, salads and pita sandwiches. All prepared using fresh vegan ingredients. These include smoked tofu, chickpeas, red lentils, mushrooms and soy. Once you try the food, you’ll definately fall in love, even all you carnivores. 

LL Insiders Pick: Everything is fantastic here. The burgers never disappoint; the hot dogs will turn the strongest frowns into cheesy grins. The mac and cheese is also on point. Definately some sort of magic going on as they taste so much like the non-vegan versions. They even offer some gluten-free food options here aswell.

Location: Bartók Béla út | Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-9PM


Photo: Tökmag

Tökmag is the top dog when it comes to vegan street food in Budapest. Based in Újlipótváros, this joint has a creative menu filled with feel-good plant-based foods. From soups, lunchboxes, burgers, sandwiches, desserts and much more. Everything here is 100% vegan, with no yeast, sugar, or gluten used when making the food. It’s also pretty cheap, given food quality. The only downside is that it doesn’t have many seats inside. 

LL Insiders Pick:  The burgers always go down a treat. All innovative and made using a variety of vegetables. Not the meat alternative patty’s a lot of spots have started serving. Get one of the burgers, sweet potato fries and some home-made vegan beetroot sauce. If that doesn’t sound like you, check the menu for more inspo. The food is a real kaleidoscope of colours and flavours. 

Location: Hollán Ernő u. | Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 9AM-8PM

827 Kitchen

827 kitchen

Photo: 827 Kitchen

827 Kitchen is a buffet-style vegan style restaurant in Budapest. It’s the ideal place to go if you’re an indecisive eater and fancy trying a bit of everything. On offer are a selection of 100% vegan traditional Hungarian and international dishes. There also have some gluten-free options. Food aside, the ambience inside and customer service is also excellent. The combination of all three things takes the experience of dining here to another level.

LL Insiders Pick: The buffet-style menu is a bit different but works pretty well. It’s an ideal spot for a relaxed sit-down meal on your own or with friends. You have a selection of daily dishes and some vegan meat options as well. The great thing is you pay based on the weight of your food.

Location: Zsilip u. | Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-4PM

Vegan Street Food Garden

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Vegan Garden is an oasis for plant-based food in the heart of Budapest’s 7th District. The goal here is to provide visitors with mouth-watering dishes from around the world.  All vegan and prepared by local vendors using fresh, natural and sustainable ingredients. Some of which come from the community garden behind the central courtyard space. The line up of vendors here changes over time, so keep an eye out to see what’s on offer. 

The current roster  includes: 

  • Las Vegans – Pioneers of Hungary’s vegan street food scene. Serving a variety of feel-good vegan foods, but most famous for their epic burgers. 
  • Vexicana – An awesome food truck where you can enjoy some tasty Mexican vegan food. From burritos, nachos, chimichangas, corn soups and more. 
  • Róza Vegan Soup & Steak – This vendor offers a variety of five tasty soups, vegan steaks and desserts.

Location: Dob u. | Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-11PM

Istvanffi Veggie Burger


Photo: Istvánffi Veggie-Burger

Located District V, Istvánffi offers some of the plant-based patties you’ll find in Budapest. With vegans and non-vegans both heading here to quench their burger cravings. The great thing about Istvánffi is the variety of burgers for you to choose. With ten options which you can get with three different types of patties. These include mushroom, wheat and oatmeal. 

LL Insiders Pick: The burgers here are all pretty amazing. Yet if you want the full Istvánffi experience, get Dupla D burger. This burger has two patties, red onion rings, selection of salads and yummy almond sauce. Make sure you try the cherry dream dessert aswell.

Location: Királyi Pál u. | Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-8PM

Menyország szíve 


Photo: Mennyország szíve

Menyország szíve is an uber local little vegan shop located near Keleti pályaudvar train station. It doesn’t have the fancy branding, big menu or stylish interior like some other Budapest vegan spots. Yet what it lacks in style and variety, it more than makes up for with its excellent food, service and local charm. A real hidden gem with heart, good vibes and soul. 

LL Insiders Pick: They have a daily menu filled tasty vegan dishes from across the world. The menu may vary, but the flavours and quality of food here is always top draw. To drink, try the sour lemonade with a little bit of sugar. Also if you have a sweet tooth, make sure you try the chocolate cake here as well. 

Location: Nefelejcs u. | Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-7PM

Élelem Vegan Étterem Budapest


Photo: Élelem Étterem-Budapest

Élelem Étterem is a small vegan joint located a three-minute walk away from iconic Shoes of the Danube memorial. On offer here is a weekly rotating menu with a cooked or raw soup and main course options. From soups, burgers, pizzas and stews, to pancakes, cakes and other sweet treats. They also have some options for those with gluten and lactose intolerance.

LL Insiders Pick: The seasonal menu is updated weekly, so have a browse and you’ll definitely find something you like. If it’s on, make sure you try the indian red lentil soup which is divine. The pizza here is also pretty epic and also gluten-free.

Location: Garibaldi u.  | Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11AM-3PM

Vegán Édes Élet Cukrászda

Vegán Édes Élet Cukrászda

Photo: Vegán Édes Élet Cukrászda

Vegán Édes Élet Cukrászda translates to ‘The sweet life confectionary” in English. This spot specialises in veganlactosegluten and sugar-free desserts. On offer, you have a choice of cookies and 18 cakes which you can buy by the slice or in full—all incredibly delicious and perfect when paired with a cup of coffee. 

LL Insiders Pick: The variety here will leave you spoilt for choice. If you’re craving something chocolatey, then try the chocolate and hazelnut cake. If you’re feeling something a little bit more fruity, then go for the Raspberry Intoxication. Word of warning though, one slice may not be enough. If you want to buy full cakes, make sure you order 24 hours in advance. They have 8, 12 and 24 slice pies available

Location: Pannónia u. | Opening hours: Tue-Sun: 10AM-7PM

Plantmilkyway Vegan Pastry & Coffee Shop


Photo: Plantmilkyway

Plantmilkyway is an innovative spot known for making delicious cakes and pastries. With a variety of sweet treats on sale inside, all vegan, gluten and soy-free. The offering varies as everything is fresh. So there’s always something on offer that will surprise you. You can buy cakes by the slice each day, but if you want a full pie order in advance.

LL Insiders Pick: The peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie cake here is divine. Perfect on its own or with a nice cup of coffee. Also make sure you try their gluten and soy-free vegan macarons. You can see all the cakes, cookies and pastries on their Facebook page.

Location: Csarnok tér

Opening hours: Thur: 2PM-7PM, Fri: 12PM-6PM, Sat-Sun: 10AM-6PM

Naspolya Nassolda

naspolya nassolda

Photo: Naspolya Nassolda

Naspolya Nassolda is the go-to place in Budapest for raw vegan food. With an eclectic menu that offers a variety of sweet and savoury raw treats. From cakes, snacks, truffles, smoothies, breakfast pots and much more. All made with organic ingredients free from refined sugarsgluten and soy. They also have a large selection of coffees, wines and cold-pressed juices to drink. So head down if you’re craving something that’s both nutritious, delicious and satisfying. 

LL Insiders Pick: Start your day with a banana coconut granola and a nice cup of almond milk cortado. Grab some raw truffles which make an ideal afternoon snack. Or, if you’re in the mood for some cake, take a look at what’s available. These change seasonally, and the choice of pies on offer is vast. 

Location: Káldy Gyula u. | Opening hours: Wed-Sun: 12PM-7PM

Anjuna Ice Pops


Photo: Anjuna Ice Pops

Nothing beats the refreshing feeling of an ice pop on a hot summers day. In Budapest, Anjuna is the go-to place for people to get their fix. With a 100% vegan popsicles and ice creams available in a wide variety of flavours. All made using natural ingredients, real fruits and plant-based dairy. They also do some delicious acai bowls and refreshing smoothies. The only downside is that they are open seasonally from April till October

LL Insiders Pick: If you fancy something, fruity and exotic, then the mango-passion fruit popsicle is a must. Honestly, there are so many flavours of ice-pops available. Choosing a particular one is the hardest part. Popsicles aside, the acai bowls are ideal to start your day. Make sure you try the “Tropical As FCK” bowl. Super delicious, gluten-free, lactose-free and with no added sugar

Location: Several locations |Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-11PM

Belvárosi Legenda


Photo: Belvárosi Legenda

Located in the 7th districtBelvárosi Legenda the perfect place to relax and guzzle some vegan craft beer. The selection of beers on offer here is massive, with a library of weird and wonderful types for you to choose. The other good news is that you can buy their vegan beers in bottles for takeaway. So grab a few bottles for the road.

LL Insiders Pick: To drink, take a look at the menu to see what’s on offer. Once decided, make sure you also try the vegan zsíros kenyérthe much loved traditional Hungarian snack made of grease with bread—the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer.

Location: Kazinczy u. | Opening hours: See Facebook Page for Updates

Where to buy vegan produce in Budapest?

If you’re planning on cooking at home, but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; our insiders have shortlisted some unique places where you can purchase great vegan products. While also getting a unique insight and experience of Budapest vegan food culture

Vegan Sunday Market

vegan sunday market

Photo: Vegan Sunday Market

This community marketplace offers a unique insight into Budapest’s plant-based lifestyle and culture. With cooking workshops, open round-table discussions, produce and delicious vegan street foods. Food aside, you can also browse stalls selling all kinds of sustainable vegan products. From arts, crafts, DIY  beauty products and much more.

Location: Various Locations | Opening hours: Organised monthly

Pancs Gastro Market


Photo: Pancs Gastro Market

This farmers market is held weekly at Budapest’s craft beer haven, Élesztő.  Even though the market isn’t specifically focused on the vegan lifestyle. It’s a great place to get some fresh fruit and veg.


Location: Tűzoltó u. |Opening hours: Sun: 9AM-2PM

Czakó Kert Piacz

czako piacz

Photo: Czakó Kert Piacz

Czakó Piacz offers a great selection of fresh produce that you can’t find on supermarket shelves. Everything is fresh, lively, savoury and most importantly produced with plentiful helpings of passion and love.


Location: Czakó u. | Opening hours: Sun: 9AM-2PM

BioBolt ABC


Photo: BioBolt ABC

BioBolt ABC is the best supermarket if you choose to do self-catering during your stay in Budapest. The store has a massive selection of vegan food products like raw foods, components, oils, herbs, supplements and much more.

Location: Múzeum Krt. |Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM Sat: 10AM-2PM

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