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Best Dog-Friendly Cafés in Barcelona

Barcelona is most definitely a dog-friendly city, which means that your four-legged friend can tag along to alot of the places you go to, perfect for me and my partner in crime Pepe. Here are our top picks for dog-friendly places in Barcelona where you can, chill, pig-out and unwind, accompanied with your pooch.


Espai Joliu


Not only do we love this place because it has millions of plants to choose from, and share an environment with, but they also make some speciality coffee that will blow your socks right off. We usually frequent this place to work if we are venturing into the Poble Nou district. As for our furry friends, this spot is marvellous there are tons of things to smell, lots of places to lay and cool off on a hot summer day, and yes, they do have doggy treats. 

Location: Poble Nou
Pepe Says: 8/10

Little Fern Café


The little Fern café is located in Poble Nou had me and Pepe sold at the first visit. I have to say that we are both be easily persuaded by delicious smells and BIG smiles. From the first second we stepped inside, the Little Fern Café made us feel right at home. This spot is super cool, with a big communal table to work from and smaller tables if theirs just two of you. Their floor to ceiling windows face the calm streets and give a great natural light to work in. What makes this café even more special? They make Kimchi Pancakes, which I have to say are so god damn addictive.

Location: Poble Nou
Pepe Says: 10/10


Alsur Café

Whatever you want, whenever you want it. This is the slogan Alsur Café lives by, and when you look at their menu, you know that this isn’t no lie. Alsur café mixes brunch, with dinner, with tapas, and uses inspiration from all around the world. Start with Venezuelan cuisine and finish with Greek, like they say whatever you want. The best thing about Alsur café is the fact that they allow dogs, and not only do they allow them but they love them! They are always welcome and always get a big bowl of water, and even some treats, and always plenty of hugs and kisses. 

Location: El Born
Pepe Says: 7/10 (they won´t let me sit on the couch)



A space made for dogs, but don’t worry, their human friends can tag along. Here you’re four-legged friends are the top dogs, and this love-filled spot was actually designed for them to have their chill out space, while owners can enjoy a coffee, beer, or something to nibble on. All products used are from Snout’s, which is a human-friendly dog bakery. Which makes sense as most owners usually come to share with their pets. Entredogs also has a cute little library where you can find all kinds of animal-related books, and they often organize events where canines are the focus.

Location: Saint Gervasi 
Pepe Says: 8/10




This place was created as a space to celebrate tasty cookies of all kinds and is truly sweet tooths heaven. Cookona actually introduced the edible cookie dough to Barcelona, and they have been pioneering since. The best thing is that dogs are welcome, which is why me and Pepe venture here when we are really looking to quench our sugar cravings. Like a kid or canine in a candy shop, the offering is extensive and will leave you spoilt for choice. So take your time choosing your bite, but make sure it’s accompanied with their Matcha latte to sip.

Location: Eixample
Pepe Says: 10/10


Cereal Hunters Café

This cereal focused spot is like taking a trip down memory lane, to a time when a bowl of Cereal was the way I’d start my day.  Once inside, pick the size of your bowl and select your cereal of choosing from the most extensive cereal menu ever, no really, there over 160 different types on offer! After this you get to chose your milk type, flavour and colouring, if this isn’t enough you can even add a topping. Take your tray full of cereal to any spot, and enjoy with your pet beside you.

Location: L’Eixample
Pepe Says: 7/10


The Green Spot


This is the perfect spot to stop by on your way back into the city from Barceloneta beach. Pepe and I like to take a stroll from the Arts Hotel to the W, all the way down the beach, then on our way back, we stop at this healthy spot to cool off for lunch. This spot is innovative when it comes to grub, creating delicious veggie versions of international dishes, which you’ll definitely love, whether you’re a vegetarian or not. 

Location: La Barcelonata
Pepe Says: 8/10



Source: Sopa BCN

Named after the Spanish translation of soup,  this eco-friendly (km0) cafe specialises in the very best vegetarian soups. If you’re vegan don’t worry, they have plenty of options for you too, all prepared by skilled cooks using the latest macrobiotic trends. So if you like me and Pepe, you like healthy food,  this spot is the perfect place to grab some lunch. 

Location: Eixample
Pepe Says: 7/10


Bar Lobo


Located on the side of the Raval neighbourhood right next to the Ramblas, this place is renowned for serving scrumptios tapas. Set right in the middle of a cute square, Bar Lobo has plenty of seating for you and your pooch. The interior design of the inside space is lovely and chic, but the outdoor seating area is great to chow down on some food whilst basking in the Barcelona sun. My favourite dish here is hands down the fried artichoke, so be sure to give it a try.

Location: Raval
Pepe Says: 9/10



Ok so this spot isn’t purely a café, more a cocktail bar, but definitely, a must visit if you’re around late afternoon in El Born. College bar is one of the few places around here that will allow you and your dog inside the bar, and once inside your four-legged will be showered with love. Aside from being dog-friendly, this place is a fantastic cocktail bar, with a super cute loft-like living room, and an avant-garde cocktail menu.

Location: El Born
Pepe Says: 9/10

So if you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, whether you’re taking you’re four-legged friends or not with you, be sure to check out some of these amazing spots. If you want to see some more amazing places to pig out in Barcelona, check out my guide for the Best Bite and Sips in Saint Antoni.

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