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Who Does the Best Burgers in Budapest?

We’ve rounded up the very best Budapest burger joints for you to try next time your in town.

Three craft burgers.

When it comes to feel-good foods, few can please the taste buds quite like a juicy burger. With millions across the globe devouring the beloved patty and bun combo on a daily. In Budapest, there are plenty of places that do a good burger. Deciding where to eat is the difficult part. So, with the help of our insiders’ community, we’ve rounded up the very best Budapest burger joints for you to try.

(Important Notice – The places are not organised in order of which is best. That’s something for you all decide for yourself.)

1. Vaslap Burger

seed bun burger in front of window in budapest's 7th district restaurant

Photo: Willie Gevertz

Opened in 2019, Vaslap is one of the new kids on Budapest’s burger scene. Yet in such a short space of time, has captured the taste-buds of burger aficionados in Budapest. This 7th District burger joints meteoric rise isn’t by luck or chance. The one-man show has got here by offering some of the juiciest and tastiest burgers around. There are eight burgers on offer here. Each one covered in their homemade sauce and served inside a soft bun from Panificio il Basilico.

LL Insiders Pick: The Vaslap Burger is a must-try. With its juicy beef patty, tangy secret sauce and crunchy onions added for texture. If you don’t want beef, then try the Chicken burger. Make sure you ask to add jalapeños for an extra kick.

Location: Dohány u. | Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

2. Buddies Burger


Photo: Wolt

Buddies are one of the bonafide bosses of high-quality hamburgers in Budapest. With their mouth-watering 100% beef patties drawing in diners from across the city. Quality aside, what makes Buddies special is the varying styles of burgers on offer. The menu is stacked full of creative ingredient and flavour combinations. From the classics to more obscure hamburgers like the Mexican and Italian buddy burgers. 

Insiders pick: The Italian Buddy – This burger has a tasty beef patty, mozzarella, green pesto, smoked ham and rucola. All held together by soft buns from local bakers, Panificio il Basilico. You can also pimp up your patty, with extra toppings available. From fried eggs, smoked ham, grilled pineapple, cheeses and much more.

Location: Magyar u. & Somogyi Béla u.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM (Somogyi Béla u. is currently closed)

3. Bamba Marha Burger


Photo: Bamba Marha

Bamba Marha may translate to “goofy cow” in English, but they’re damn serious when it comes to burgers. Their Budapest burger conquest began back in 2015, with a small shop on Andrássy Avenue. They’ve opened five restaurants since, a real testament to their popularity amongst local burger lovers. The secret to their success lies in their laser focus on originality, flavour and quality. Evident in the menu, that’s filled with both classic and innovative options.

LL Insiders Pick: Try the Mexican La Bamba. This delicious burger has a tasty beef patty with melted cheese, guacamole, jalapeño and finely chopped lettuce. Finished off a with a heap of crunchy nachos and a bean puree. Although the speciality here is beef, they’ve got a chicken and vegan burger option as well.

Location: Several locations. | Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

4. Rock Burger Bar

Burger with fries on a street food style tray.

Photo: Rock Burger Bar

This epic burger joint offers a unique dining experience. Here you can enjoy a cracking burger, surrounded by rock music and memorabilia. On first glance, the menu resembles the Spotify playlist of the rock-loving owner. Look beyond the names to uncover some of the Budapest’s tastiest burgers. With beef, pork, duck and even tofu filled buns available.

LL Insiders Pick: Try the Pink Floyd. This burger has an auburn sesame bun, which covers the succulent lemon dill infused salmon patty inside. If you’re feeling extra peckish, Get some fries and coleslaw to go with your burger. Oh and be sure to try one of the craft beers on offer here.

Location: Nagymező u. | Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

5. Kandalló

kandallo craft beer bar

The craft beer and burger combo is a gluttons version of wine and cheese. The real challenge is finding top-notch versions of both in one place. If that’s a problem you’ve faced before, then Kandalló is the perfect spot to try out. This 7th district local haunt is primarily known for its craft beer. Yet the burgers here are amongst the best in Budapest. In total, there are 13 juicy burgers for you to choose. Most of the burgers are Angus beef, but they also have a chicken and a couple of vegan options.

LL Insiders Pick: Try the Jalapeño Burger, which has a juicy beef patty, iceberg lettuce, bacon, cheddar cheese and Jalapeños. You also get a nice dollop of their Basic and Jalapeño sauce. To drink, choose from one of the 16 craft beers they have on tap.

Location: Kertész u. | Opening hours: 12PM – 12AM

6. Pesti Burger & Bar


Photo: Pesti Burger és Bár

Pesti Burger bar sits opposite Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest’s 9th District. It’s pricier than most burger restaurants in Budapest. Yet this hasn’t deterred diners. With a steady stream of students and starving locals going in and out daily. Drawn in by the stylish settings and juicy gourmet quality burgers on offer.

LL Insiders Pick: The menu is seasonal, with a rotation of new burgers going around. So scour the menu to see what’s available when you go. The classic cheeseburger here never disappoints. A mouth-watering beef patty covered in melted cheese. Cooked to perfection and placed inside a soft potato bun.

Location: Tűzoltó u. | Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 AM – 8:00 PM

7. Bölcső Bar & Food


Photo: Bölcső Bar & Food

Bölcső Bar & Food is a low-key gastropub situated on a side street off the busy Bartók Béla út. It’s exterior may not captivate your attention, but don’t be fooled. This lively little joint does some of the best burgers in Budapest. It also happens to be the official meeting point for Budapest’s Liverpool supporters club. 

LL Insiders Pick: Try the tasty Bölcső Burger. This has a thyme beef patty, topped with cheddar, fresh tomato, lettuce and remoulade sauce. They also have a decent selection of other beef, chicken, pulled pork patties available. Burgers aside, Bölcső also has a regularly rotating menu of 16 Craft beers on tap. 

Location: Zenta u. | Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM

8. Bodega

A burger.

Photo: Bodega

Bodega’s humble journey to burger stardom began a few years ago. In the early days, the owners were serving their signature patties from a small RV. Not long after, whispers about their juicy burgers began spreading across Budapest. With hungry diners coming to District XI to taste their much-loved patties. Today, they serve their signature patties from a hip restaurant. There 16 burgers on the menu, mostly beef with one chicken option. All exquisite and made with top quality meat and ingredients.

LL Insiders Pick: The Truffle Burger is a star item on Bodega’s menu. Inside you have a high quality beef patty, topped with some Dutch Gouda cheese and tasty truffles. An explosion of flavours that will send your taste buds into a frenzy.

Location: Nádasdy u.| Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

9. Központ Bistro

A burger with fries and salad on a tray.

Photo: Központ

Központ is a cosy and casual restaurant located slightly outside the city in Újpest. Of all the spots on the list, this one probably has the fewest burger options, with only three available. There’s a beef, duck liver and a vegetarian option. Yet what it lacks in variety, it most definately makes up in quality and taste. You can also boost your burger with savoury coleslaw, sweet potato chips and extra toppings. 

LL Insiders Pick: The Duck Liver Burger is a real treat. Inside two fluffy buns is a quality piece of duck, doused in a homemade dressing, green salad and ginger pear topping. The Vega Burger is also pretty decent and worth a try. 

Location: Szent István tér

Opening hours: Sun – Thur 8:00AM – 10:00PM, Friday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

10. Black Cab Burger

burger with a seeded bun beef patty bacon strips pineapple lettuce on a red tray that has black cab burger written on it

Photo: Black Cab Burger

Black Cab is the ideal place if you’re looking to get good burgers fast. They operate two locations in the city, both of which are always heaving with hungry diners. Especially at lunchtime, when finding a seat inside is near enough impossible. Despite being so busy, they always deliver an unreal burger. These are all prepared before your eyes from an open kitchen. The menu is pretty big, with a decent selection of patties on offer. You have a choice of beef, chicken or salmon patties. Some of which you can have in small or large sizes.

LL Insider’s Pick: The Cabbie Burger is terrific. 100% prime beef patty with cheese, sauces, pickles and choice of salad. All held inside a soft sesame seed-studded bun. Once you demolish this burger, your only regret will be not ordering a second.

Location: Mester utca & Rakoczi ut| Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

11. Tuning Bar & Burger

beef burger with fried egg and runny yolk beetroot

Photo: Tuning Burger & Bar

Tuning Bar & Burger is the standout amidst the average food joints in the 7th District. Set in a stylish space, the burgers here have become legendary since they opened. Unlike others on the list, Tuning is only open from Thursday to Sunday. As a result, the restaurant is always busy, but especially after 5 PM. The menu here is arguably the best of all, with 16 burgers on offer. You have a choice of chicken, beef and even vegan burgers. They also give you the option of switching the usual bun for a gluten-free alternative.

LL Insiders Pick: Choosing one from the 16 burgers on offer is quite the challenge. One burger you have to try is the Maple Bacon. This expertly crafted burger has an Angus beef patty, salad, raspberry ketchup, peanut butter and maple glazed bacon. All held inside a perfectly toasted bun. The burger is great on its own, but next level when paired with a nice craft beer. 

Location: Akácfa u. | Opening hours: Thur – Fri: 5PM – 11PM, Sat – Sun 12PM – 11PM

12. BpBARbq

Three craft burgers.

Photo: BpBARbq

BpBARbq is the preferred pig-out spot for Budapest’s meat lovers. With both locals and tourists stopping by to sample their Texan style BBQ. The secret to BpBARbq’s success is their scientific approach to preparing and cooking the meat. Using techniques that chef Zsolt Serényi and his team have mastered since launching in 2015. The menu has an eclectic mix of dishes. These include sandwiches, wraps, meat platters, chicken wings and much more. When it comes to burgers, there are a total of six options. Five beef burgers, one of which is their signature smoked brisket bun. The sixth is the pulled pork burger, which is also pretty special. 

LL Insiders Pick: It would be a cardinal sin to come here and not try the Tipsy Texan. A real BpBARbq special, this burger contains BBQ beef brisket, sausage, green mayo and coleslaw. This is served inside a soft homemade brioche bun. Super tasty and a nice alternative to the usual patty and bun combo. 

Location: Akácfa u. | Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

13. Attaboy Streetfood Bistro

A burger.

Photo: Attaboy Streetfood Bistro

Attaboy’s entry into Budapest’s food scene began a few years back. In the early days, they offered a simple menu of street food available only via delivery. This concept proved to be very popular, with orders coming thick and fast. To cope with the increasing demand, they opened this restaurant space two years ago. Their pizzas, salads and tortillas here are pretty decent. Yet the burgers are the standout items on the menu, with ten varieties on offer. These include chicken, vegan, beef and pork burgers. What makes Attaboy standout though is the dairy-free options available. With eight of the burgers made using vegan mozzarella and cheddar. You can also choose whether you want a chicken or beef patty inside the burgers.

LL Insiders Pick: The TM Cheeseburger is a simple but super delicious option. You can get the burger with either a chicken or beef patty. Something that you won’t see in other burger joints. The final ingredient includes vegan cheddar, lettuce tomatoes and mustard. The bun is also pretty special, homemade and one helluva treat. 

Location: Síp u. | Opening hours: 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

14. Hambika-Burgerpoint

A burger with fries and onion rings.

Photo: Hambika

Hambika doesn’t have the slick branding of some inner-city burger restaurants. Yet offers patties and buns that would give them all a run for their money. To try their amazing burgers, you have to head off the beaten path to Óbuda. A journey that many local burger aficionados make on the regular. Once here, you’ll see a small stall and limited seating in the terrace. Although the place is tiny, the burgers here are big in size and flavour. It’s also pretty cheap considering the quality of the burger you get. 

LL Insider’s PickThe classic hamburger here always hits the spot. A juicy beef patty with salad, cheese and sauces inside a super soft bun. The patties and baps are prepared off-site, with a particular focus on food quality. Make sure to get a portion of sweet potato fries here as well. 

Location: Szentendrei út Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 11AM – 9:15PM, Sun: 12PM – 7:15 PM

15. Vegan Love


Photo: Vegan Love

Finding a good vegan burger in Budapest was quite the challenge a few years back. It still is pretty tough, but there has been some progress with more plant-based eateries now open. When it comes to vegan burgers, Vegan Love is one of the shining stars. On the menu, you have a choice of eight burgers. All super tasty and made using a variety of vegan-friendly ingredients. From shitake mushrooms and sweet potato to tofu, lentils and much more.

LL Insiders Pick: Try the BBQ Veg Chick’n Burger. This has a fried seitan patty, with grilled onions, tomatoes. Doused with some homemade BBQ sauce and the iconic veganaise.

Location: Bartók Béla út| Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 11AM – 9PM

Hopefully this guide should help you find the perfect patty and bun you seek. If you’d like to add to this list or have any suggestions for us to check out. Hit us up on the the socials or via email. We’d love to here from you. 

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