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30 Epic Athens Restaurants You Can’t Miss

Athens is a mecca for foodies. Everywhere you look and turn in this buzzing metropolis, you will find a medley of different restaurants serving a wide array of delicious fare. From traditional greek grub to a smorgasbord of other cruises from the four corners of the world. To help you navigate the culinary landscape, we’ve curated a list of the very best Athens restaurants with the help of our local foodie friends.

Meat N Roses

Rakadiko STOAS 

rakadiko stoas scaled

Located inside a historical building in the heart of Piraeus, Rakadiko STOAS offers a smorgasbord of tasty dishes that will undoubtedly delight your taste buds. The dishes are organised on the menu in seven sections: Salads, plates to share, pastas, cooked in a pan, in a pot, on the grill, on a spit and desserts. If you’re in a group, we’d recommend getting all of the sharing plates, at least one dish from each other section to share, and dessert each to finish off. They also have a decent selection of wines that pair well with the food. If you’re struggling to decide, ask the staff for help, they are super helpful and will point you in the right direction.


kouvelos athensKouvelos is an enchanting eatery that’s been delighting diners for over 100 years. Located close to the grounds of filopappou hill, this spot is particularly popular amongst locals, drawn in by its stylish and authentic decor, relaxing atmosphere and homelike ambience. But most importantly the tasty selection of both traditional Greek and non greek dishes on the menu, which have been crafted from the finest local ingredients. The only downside is the selection of mains for vegetarians is not the best. If you do plan on visiting, be sure to book in advance as it gets busy and try and get a seat in the charming courtyard, which adds some magic to the whole dining experience.

Marika Tarts Athens

marika tarts athensAlthough located in the hip neighbourhood of Psirri, Marika is anything but pretentious. The joint has carved out a solid reputation amongst locals with their unique offering of classic french tarts, cocktails, beers and coffee. The menu isn‘t massive, with around three savoury and two sweet tarts on the menu at time. We’d recommend the quiche lorraine savoury tart and the sweet lemon tart, washed down with a nice coffee or one of their epic cocktails. The perfect snack served by super helpful and friendly staff. What’s not to love?

Meat n Roses

Meat N RosesAs the name suggests, this joint is the go to place if you’re craving something meaty and magnificent. While the restaurant is fairly small, with around seven tables, the menu is packed to the rafters with a solid selection of dishes. From quality steaks, pork gyros, turkey sandwiches, black angus beef burgers, salads and much more. If you don’t have any dietary requirements, we’d recommend going for the platter options. These come with gyros, burgers and skewered turkey, beef, pork plus a selection of accompanying dishes. They also do a Beyond Vegan burger, so you can also take your plant-based friends along also. Aside from the food, the top quality service and friendly staff make the whole experience even better.

Ohh Boy

OHH BOY ATHENSOhh Boy is a small, intimate cafe that’s not to be missed. From the moment you walk in, the ambiance is inviting and the music soothing. The menu is pretty epic, packed with a wide selection of delicious foods and drinks. To eat you have salads, soups, burgers and sandwiches, to all day breakfasts, egg dishes and sweet treats. With plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians in each. To drink you’ve got excellent coffee, smoothies, teas, freshly squeezed juices and beers. It’s the ideal place to start the day, brunch or lunch, to eat inside, on the outside terrace or to grab something quick to go. 


As expected, the number of seafood dining options in Athens is insane, however, if you’re looking for quality at very reasonable prices then Atlantikos should be at the top of the list. Located on the cobbled back streets of Psyrii, this joint offers a wide selection of seafood dishes. From grilled sardines, anchovies, cod, saganaki, to mussels, shrimp, octopus, and much more. We’d recommend getting the seafood platter where you get a bit of everything for around 8 Euros. They have an indoor dining area and outdoor terrace, which is the ideal place to dine in the evenings.


Yiasemi terrace scaledSitting on the ancient steps of Mnisikleous street in a Plaka, Yiasemi is an iconic restaurant that offers an extensive menu of homemade dishes that are high quality, yet cheap in price.  From sandwiches, salads, hot meals, desserts, drinks and much more. In particular, it’s gained notoriety as being one of the few Athens restaurants that offers a variety of options for vegan and vegetarian diners. We’d recommend making a pit stop here to have breakfast or brunch, whilst sitting on the terrace and taking in the ambience. However, if you’re short on time, swing by for a sandwich or coffee to go. It’s a must visit spot if you’re in Athens. 

O Kostas

If you want to try some real authentic Athens street food, then you can’t leave town without coming to Kostas. For over 60 years, this joint has been a staple amongst locals and visitors. With people lining up everyday to get their fix of flavourful doner kebab, BBQ pork and souvlaki with some homemade bread, salad and tzatziki sauce. Despite the long queues, the line moves quickly as the experienced staff whizz behind the counter preparing peoples orders in record time.The prices are cheap, quality high and portion sizes very reasonable. There is no dine in option, so we’d recommend getting a water or beer to keep you refreshed whilst you walk and eat.


Falafellas is a small hole in the wall street food joint that has become a staple amongst local Athenians. The menu is pretty straightforward, consisting of a vegan friendly falafel or meatball option, both of which you can get in a pocket or giant serving size with a choice of salads and sauces. Aside from the main attraction, you can also get some tabbouleh and hummus salad and a selection of drinks, including beer. The prices are very reasonable, so you won’t break the bank. There is no dine in option, so it’s the ideal spot to stop by for a bite while you’re on the go.

Tuk Tuk Thai Street Food

Untitled design 41

Located a stone’s throw away from Syngrou Fix station, Tuk Tuk has become the go to place for foodies craving an authentic thai experience. As soon as you step through the doors, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a flight to the far east. With colourful, quirky and traditional artefacts dotted around the dining area and the sumptuous smells of freshly cooked thai street food in the air. The menu has a whole host of authentic Thai dishes, from soups, curries, rice to noodles, salads, small and larger one plate meals. The owners have tried to make the dining experience inclusive, with most things on the menu being gluten free and the option to prepare some in a vegetarian friendly way. The staff are super helpful, just ask them and they’ll be able to sort something out.  

Etnico Street Food

etnico street foodIf you’re craving some tasty street food from beyond Greece, then Etnico should definitely be on your Athens restaurants bucket list. Located close to the Hellenic Parliament, the menu here has something for every taste. You can try some tasty burritos, tacos, nachos, chimichanga and margaritas from mexico. Samosas, tandoori chicken and rice from India, falafels from Arabia and even a super tasty Korean salad. They even have a whole section of their menu dedicated to vegan food, which is quite the rarity. They have limited seating, so we’d recommend popping by with some friends, for some good value grub, washed down with a margarita, sangria or beer while music plays in the backdrop.   

To Kolouri of Psyrri

To Kolouri of Psyrri kolouriIf you stroll around Athens, you’ll most likely see street vendors selling Kolouri. A sesame coated ring-shaped bread that’s a daily staple amongst Greeks, especially at breakfast times. To try the best around, head over to The Kolouri of Psyrri, a hole in the wall bakery established in the 90’s that’s become legendary for its Kolouri and other baked treats. If you do swing by, make sure to try some freshly baked Kolouri. There are two variations, the soft and chewy version or the hard and crunchy version. Aside from the Kolouri, try the croissants, bagels and our local top pick, the Bavarian Cream Donut. All delightful and priced reasonably. 


feyrouz ashoureFeyrouz is a fabulous family run joint  that has gained a legion of loyal fans who flock here daily to enjoy some of the best quality levantine street food around.  If you’re looking for something savoury, then you have a lovely selection of lahmatzoun wraps, pide’s, pies, soups and sourdough nests to choose from. For dessert, there are syrup sweets such as kunefis, eastern puddings like halva, truffles, authentic sherbets and epic specialty coffees. All at reasonable prices and made using the finest ingredients sourced from across Greece. The actual restaurant space is relatively small, with some stools and some external seating. So you’ll most likely have to get some food to go. Nonetheless, it’s a must visit spot if you’re in town. 

7 Cactus Greek Street Deli

7 cactus deliSituated a stone’s throw away from the Acropolis Museum, 7 Cactus offers diners a selection of fresh and delicious foods that are high in quality and fair in price. For breakfast, our insider pick would be the poached egg, which comes with multigrain bruschetta, avocado cream, gruyere leaves & truffle oil. Washed down with refreshing fresh juice and a nice espresso or two to wake you up for the long day ahead. For lunch our insiders pick would be one of the traditional pies or the Penne pasta with chicken sun-dried tomatoes, mustard, parmesan & parsley. However, the menu is pretty eclectic, with a wide selection of  breakfasts, salads, mains, sandwiches, omelettes and drinks to choose from. So you’ll definitely find something that catches your eye. 


La Cantina Street Food


Located on the corner of a one way street in the heart of Exarcheia, a neighbourhood renowned for its alternative vibe and tapestry of political street art, this no frills joint offers a small menu of quality and fresh ethnic street food for very cheap prices. To eat there are wraps, falafels, soups, chicken curry, salads and much more. To drink you have coffee, juices, raki’s, cocktails and much more. They also have a decent selection of foods that are vegan friendly, so just take a look at the menu or ask one of the friendly staff for some assistance. Our insiders would recommend getting one of the soups, especially the tomato or chestnut, which are delightful. To follow, get a falafel pita wrap and a nice mojito to wash it down. 

Dirty Manh

dirty manh souvlakiDespite being one of the new kids on the block, Dirty Manh is quickly gaining recognition on the Athens street food scene. Wooing diners with their modern interpretation of traditional street food classics such as Souvlaki and Gyros. All of which  are high in quality, affordable in price and served in a variety of styles. You can get them in pita wraps, pockets or deconstructed on a wooden platter. The choice is yours, however, If you can’t decide, ask the staff, who are pretty cool and will happily walk you through the menu. Our insider’s top pick is pork belly in a pitta, washed down with a lovely beer or two. A must pit stop when you’re exploring around the Acropolis area.

​​Lefteris O Politis

Every city has one of those food joints that looks rough on the exterior, but knocks up grub that puts the city’s most stylish establishments to shame. In Athens, ​​Lefteris O Politis, is that place. A short stroll from Omnia square, this joint is a street food sanctuary, with locals coming here religiously to get  what many would argue is Athens’ best souvlaki, gyros and kebabs. Our insiders don’t have a top pick here, everything is so damn amazing. As expected with such a hole in the wall joint, they don’t have much seating, and the last time we checked, they only accept cash. So keep some euros before queuing up. Food aside, the hard working and friendly staff make this place even more wonderful. 

Ouzeri Lesvos 

Ouzeri Lesvos

If you find yourself strolling through Kolonaki craving some uber traditional Greek fare, then you have to make a pitstop at Ouzeri Lesvos. A classic tavern whose decor and vibe is reminiscent of the Athens of old. With the red striped tablecloth, quirky historic objects and artefacts dotted around making you feel like you’ve hopped in a time machine. Like the decor, the food served here is an ode to the rich culinary heritage of Greece. The menu has a smorgasbord of greek foods, from salads, meats, seafood and much more. Our insiders top picks were the calamari, octopus cooked in wine, cuttlefish, zucchini balls and sardine tomato salad. Make sure you also get some Tsipouro, a traditional liquor that’s super strong. 

Kimolia Art Cafe

36Housed in a stunning building built in 1925, Kimolia is a cozy cafe that oozes good vibes, with its funk decor, excellent service and friendly crowd of bohemian athenians creating an inimitable ambience. If that isn’t enough reason to pop by then the grub here is the icing on the cake. With a decent menu filled with feel good food such as sandwiches, salads, pastries and dessert. To drink you have a good choice of coffees, juices, cocktails, beers and much more. The place is open from the morning, late into night. So you can start your day here with some coffee, sandwiches and pastries, or pop by in the evening for a sit down meal or some cocktails with friends. Whatever time you choose to come, you can be certain of a truly memorable experience that you’ll never forget.

Barbounaki Kolonaki

barbounaki fish

Located in the heart of Athens, Barbounaki has become the go-to place for people craving some good quality seafood  in a casual, relaxed and elegant setting. Aptly named after the iconic Mediterranean red mullet fish, the menu here is packed with a smorgasbord of tasty seafood specialties crafted with care by experienced chefs using the very best and fresh ingredients sourced locally. Our insiders top pick would be the marinated sea bass, a classic dish whose popularity in Greece is equivalent to that of shush in Japan. If you don’t fancy that, then be sure to try the red mullet, grilled octopus, sea urchin salad and marinated. The prices are reasonable, the staff is friendly, the ambience is majestic and food is 10/10. Make sure to give it a go. 

Vegan Beat Athens

vegan beat lamajun athens

Located a short walk from Syntagma station, Vegan Beat is one of the most well known and loved vegan restaurants in Athens. Everyday, hundreds of hungry diners descend here at all times of the day to sample some delicious vegan foods. From hot meals,burgers and  sandwiches, to salads, dips, desserts, fresh juices and much more. Everything on the menu here is super tasty and surprisingly cheap or the fresh and high quality local ingredients they use. Our insiders top picks are the mouth wateringly delicious vegan gyros and burgers, which pair perfectly with a glass of their iconic homemade lemonade. They also do desserts, so it’s the ideal place to come and get some grub at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Peas Vegan & Raw Food

peas raw veganIf you’re in search of a delicious and nutritious meal that’s bursting with flavor, then Peas Raw & Vegan Food is the place for you. Their menu is brimming with an incredible assortment of food and drinks that will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. To eat there is a huge variety of pittas, wraps, burgers, and salads, savoury tarts, sandwiches and desserts. To drink, you have coffees, beers, fresh juices and smoothies. All tasty and very reasonably priced based on the quality and portion size you get. Our insiders top picks were the Greek salad as an appetizer, Seiten and pita bread for the main course followed by the chocolate cake or raw lemon tart for dessert. The only thing to keep in mind is that If you plan on eating in, there’s limited indoor seating, so you’ll most likely have to sit outside.


vegnaki pizzaSituated a stone’s throw from Athens most popular tourist sites, Vegnaki has cemented itself as one of the best vegan eateries in town. With its eclectic menu of vegan bites and sips, cheap prices, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere drawing in diners, both local and from distant lands. For dining here, our insiders’ top picks would be the falafel salad, traditional spanakopita (spinach pie) and pastitiso (greek lasagne).  To drink, there is a fairly decent number of vegan-friendly coffees, juices, lemonades and much more. affordable price. It’s the ideal place to make a pitstop if you’re out exploring or just looking to get some quality, honest and flavourful vegan food without breaking the bank. 

Mama Tierra 

23People have a negative perception of vegan and vegetarian food, often associating it with being bland, flavourless and boring. However, this is far from the truth. It’s with the aim of dispelling this myth that chef Polash Alam started Mama Tierra. Together with his team, he’s crafted an incredible menu of vegan and vegetarian friendly foods, inspired by global flavours and cuisines. From Mexican burritos, dal fry from India and American style burgers, to traditional greek moussaka, Italian linguinies, Arabian falafel and much more. All super delicious, filling and very well priced. The drinks selection is also top draw, with a variety of juices, smoothies and good quality coffee. However, If you’re feeling adventurous then give traditional Japanese Kombucha a try.

Avacado Athens 

avacado vegan foodAvocado is an awesome hole in the wall restaurant that has built up a standup reputation for serving a superb selection of healthy vegetarian and vegan foods that many would argue are the best in athens. The menu doesn’t have your standard sandwiches and salads, but an eclectic mix of dishes inspired by cuisines from across the world. Our insiders would recommend starting the meal off with a falafel plate and some daal soup. For the main course, the mixed vegetable Om Shanti curry and poke bowl. Finishing off with a key lime pie or carrot cake for dessert. If that doesn’t float your boat, peek at the menu and you’ll definitely find something you’ll like. The prices are relatively higher compared to other spots, but for the whole experience it’s totally worth it. 


Untitled design 61Tucked away in a picturesque corner of Psyrii, fullSPOON is an epic cafe that offers some of the very best snacks, confectionery and desserts in Athens. You’ll be hooked as soon as you step through the doors into the minimalist cafe, as the colourful display of ice cream hypnotises your eyes and arouses your sweet tooth. Available in over ten epic flavours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It doesn’t stop there, if you can get beyond the ice cream you’ll see a menu packed with a whole host of other awesome desserts. Our top picks are the masticha rose ice cream paired with some chocolate pie or profiteroles. Slightly expensive but absolutely stunning flavours. 


28Despite being a relatively new kid on the block, Lukumades has established itself as a serious player in the city’s confectionery scene. With locals coming here religiously  to sample some of the very best pies, bougatsa and loukoumades around. Unlike some of the other spots, this joint is renowned for creating unique variations of the traditional Greek loukoumades. From coated, filled, savoury and served with ice cream. There are plenty of options to choose from. Our insiders top picks would be Ionian Mantolato, which consists of a classic loukoumades coated in honey, cinnamon and almonds, served with a scoop of nougat ice cream. 



If you’re craving something sweet of a slightly more authentically Greek persuasion, then Zoubourlou is the place to be. Located slap bang in the centre of Psyrii, the menu here is brimming with a huge selection of traditional greek desserts, drinks and other non-greek sweet treats. We’d recommend getting the selection of oriental bites, which gives you the chance to sample several authentic Greek desserts as opposed to selecting one. These include baklava, kunefe, armenovil, and more. If you’re not looking for traditional, then get one of the signature cocktails which are super refreshing and will go down a treat. All in all an inimitable traditional Greek dessert experience that you can’t miss. 

Loukoumades Ktistakis


Established in 1912, this sweet shop has become a staple for locals looking to get their fix of Loukoumades. Every doughnut made here is crafted using a secret recipe that has been passed down to the through three generations of the Ktistakis family. They’re served here in the traditional way; at room temperature with cinnamon and sprinkled sesame seeds on top, and fresh honey inside. You can buy them individually, but we’d recommend getting a box to go. You won’t regret it. 

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