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Barcelona Food Diaries: 11 Mouth-Watering International Dishes You Must Try

In this edition of Barcelona Food Diaries, we’ve rounded up the best mouth-watering international dishes you should try and where to go and eat them in them in Barcelona.

man in blue shirt with a tattoo sleve holding a plate with a kimchi pancake topped off with carrot slices coriander and lime
Photo: Little Fern Cafe

Barcelona is a bohemian city, and much like other metropolia is a real melting pot. With people from a variety of cultures calling the Catalunyan capital their home. A huge benefit of this is the amazing selection of cuisines available at the restaurants in Barcelona.  From Mexican, Indian and Japanese, to British and other unique innovative culinary creations. With the help of our local insider Laura, in this guide, we’ve rounded up the best of Barcelona food, and where you should go to eat it.

Cheesecake from Fismuler


If you’re craving some cheesecake on your Barcelona food odyssey, then look no further than El Born, Fismuler. Unlike most places that serve overwhelmingly sweet cheesecake laced with unnecessary ingredients. The team behind this spot do this desert dish justice.  The Fismuler cheesecake resembles a fondue, with the light, luscious and creamy topping oozing out above the delightful crunch base. Take a bite and you’ll be able to taste the difference. The predominant flavour is that of high-quality cheese, with a bit of sweetness to balance things out. It truly is a palate-pleasing pig out dish that you can’t miss when you’re in town.  They have to

Location: El Born

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed: 1.30PM-4PM, 8PM-11PM, Thur-Sat: 1.30PM-4PM, 8PM-11.30PM

Shoyu Ramen from Koku Kitchen

blue white patterned bowl filled with lettuce bean shoots and ramen soup

Photo: Koku Kitchen

Run by an Irishman and a swede, Koku is the bonafide boss of Barcelona’s burgeoning ramen scene. The team here have mastered the art of creating palate-pleasing ramen, which they produce fresh on-site every day. Platefuls of this traditional Japanese pulled noodle dish pass through its kitchen to the consumer’s table every day. They have two locations; one in the Born which divides into two restaurants, with one focused on bao buns and other delicacies while the basement their ramen shop. The other location is just a few blocks away hidden in the small streets of the Gothic Quarter. Make sure you head down to slurp some noodle soup, available in a whole smorgasbord of flavours.

Location: Gothic Quarter & El Born

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-4PM, 7.30PM-11.30PM

Fusion Sushi from Robata

8 pieces of tuna coated sushi in a white plate on a brown table with soy sauce

Photo: Robata Japanese Cuisine

The origins of fusion sushi can be traced back to when the Japanese trade with foreign nations such as Portugal, after a self-imposed exile. The external influence lead to their cuisine being adapted, and the cultural fusion began. Today if you’re in the mood to sample some of the best fusion sushi in Barcelona, head over to Robata. The name Robata comes from a unique Japanese grilling style, which is what this restaurant is primarily known for. However, the team behind this Barcelona fusion restaurant make some mouth-watering sushi rolls. The selection of sushi on offer is eclectic, but if you can’t decide, go with our local foodie Laura’s top picks. The Spicy Edamame, beef shitake Bad Boy Roll, the Eel Nigiri and Toro (fatty tuna) Nigiri with caramelised foie.

Location: Esquerra de l’Eixample

Opening Hours: Sun-Thur: 1PM-11.30PM, Fri-Sat: 1PM-12AM

Tacos Al Pastor from Tlaxcal

three tacos packed with brown chicken some onions coriandor and cheese

Photo: Tlaxcal

If you craving some cuisine that is packed full of flavour, with a strong spicy kick, then Mexican is always a good call. Of all the amazing dishes on offer, Tacos are the most loved and renowned. If you’re in Barcelona and looking for some food of this kind, then Tlaxcal is your best bet.  Everything here is amazing, but the standout dish has to be the Tacos Al Pastor. These pork-based tacos are originally from Mexico City and crafted with the utmost care. They’re juicy from the marinade and fat, with the sweet acidity of a pineapple topping cutting through to add a bit of sweetness to balance things out. Having lived in Mexico City, our local insider Laura has tried her fair share of “authentic” tacos that fail to deliver. Not at Tlaxcala, a real traditional Mexican spot that always delivers.

Location: Born-Ribera

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 1PM-4PM, 8PM-12AM, Sat-Sun: 1PM-12AM

Poke Bowl from Poke Maoli

man with spoon scopping up poke from a clear plastic bowl

Photo: Poke Maoli

Spending the day basking in the sun at the iconic Barceloneta beach is the perfect way to unwind. However, if you’re feeling peckish then there a plenty of food options for you to try. One spot that has fast become a Barcelona beach food tradition is Poke Maoli. The team behind the eatery were the very first to bring the delightful Hawaiian Poke in Barcelona. The shop is small, but the waves of people visiting to try their poke is big.  Grab one of their pre-made or build your own poke bowl to match your taste buds. Aside from their mouth-watering food, this spot are leading the way when it comes to social responsibility. The only use biodegradable containers, organise pop-ups with local artists and are at the forefront of initiatives to clean the Barceloneta Beach. A real community-driven restaurant a stones-throw away from the city’s bustling Barceloneta beach.

Location: Barceloneta

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12PM-6PM

“Surfing USA!” Eggs Benedict from The Benedict Labs 

white plate with eggs overflowing eggs benedict inside a brioche bun and a beer with a gold star on the glass

The Benedict Labs are Barcelona’s bonafide specialist in the scrumptios egg benedict. These guys have grabbed a common brunch staple and brought in flavours from all over the world. Honouring the American cuisine, the “Surfing USA” is one of their signature staples. This benedict is constructed using palate-pleasing pulled pork, eggs benedict over a delicious homemade brioche. So good that it will make your mouth water with the flavours that surf your salivary glands. Don’t fret if you fancy some Asian flavour, we highly recommend the China Town Benedict; Or on the more traditional side, the Norwegian Eggs Benedict stacked onto of a waffle and delicious mustard and honey smoked salmon. These are just some of our top picks, head down to the lab yourself and you’ll definately find something that floats your boat.

Location: Sant Antoni

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-8.30PM, Sat-Sun: 10AM-4PM

Kimchi Pancakes from The Little Fern Cafe 

man in blue shirt with a tattoo sleve holding a plate with a kimchi pancake topped off with carrot slices coriander and lime

Photo: Little Fern Cafe

This Barcelona cafe is the ideal spot to go and get some work done. With its huge windows that open right onto a peaceful street corner. Or if you’re visiting, it’s the ideal pit-stop to grab a coffee or food as you explore the Poble Nou District. The menu is filled with mouth-watering treats that keep the locals coming back every day. However, the speciality dish here is their Kimchi pancakes. Yes, Kimchi Pancakes. Two words you’ve probably never heard in the same sentence as we all associate pancakes with sweetness and deserts. Trust us, this dish is something totally unique and will please your taste buds no doubt.

Location: El Poblenou 

Opening Hours: Mon, Thu-Fri: 9AM-5PM, Sat-Sun: 10AM-5PM

Fish & Chips from The Fish & Chips Shop


This small chain of Fish and Chips restaurants has captivated the taste buds of the people in Barcelona. So good, you’ll be forgiven to think you’re in a British seaside town. The secret to their success lies in the food which they’ve perfected. The fish is a balanced bite of golden crunchy batter and fragrant flaky interior. Once you taste it, you’ll understand why their popularity is booming. The fish is fricking amazing, and the chips are equally finger-licking’ fantastic. Seasoned to perfection with a few Punjabi spices honouring the owner’s heritage. The three brothers behind this banging Barcelona food spot, haven’t stopped at fish and chips. They’ve recently opened an amazing Indian restaurant, which incidentally is home to the best Chicken Tikka in Barcelona.

Location: Sant Antoni

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat: 1PM-11PM, Sun: 1PM-4PM

Chicken Tikka & Cheese Naan from Baby Jalebi

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 21.42.59.png

Indian is the last cuisine you’d associate with Barcelona food. However, the city is home to a large Indian and Pakistani community. Bring with them the flavours of the motherland, which is available to eat in the many Indian restaurants in Barcelona. If you’re a fiend for some Indian cuisine, then be sure check out Baby Jalebi.  This Killer restaurant does authentic Indian street food at a very reasonable price. The menu is packed full of delightful dishes, but our local foodie Laura recommends the chicken tikka and cheese naan. A creamy, aromatic, and hearty dish that evokes happiness in every bite. Please be sure to come here with someone to share, because you also have to try the Chicken Curry, and maybe share a Jalebi for dessert.

Location: Sant Antoni

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 1PM-4PM, 7.30PM-11PM

Pear Crumble Donut from La Donuteria


Photo: La Donuteria

If you’re a sweet tooth in Barcelona in search of the perfect snack, there are tons of places you could try.  Of all the options on offer, few places will quench your cravings for sugar quite like La Donuteria. This casual and inviting Barcelona food spot resembles a hipster garage-like but is the city’s best doughnut shop. If you’re around the area, the heady aroma of fresh doughnuts will no doubt draw you in. Once inside, the packed will have your inner sweet tooth experiencing a real foodgasm. There are a whole host of options to choose from, but our local foodie recommends the pear crumble doughnut. A real palate pleaser that will most certainly leave you satisfied.

Location: Sant Antoni

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-8PM, 9AM-9PM

Fried Chicken Bun from Gringa

steel tray with fries and chicken brioche bun filled with cheese red cabbage and sauce

Photo: Gringa

Gringa is renowned Barcelona restaurant specialising in Mexican cuisine. So good that it will transport you to Southern California, and Baja. The menu is eclectic, packed full of fresh food that embodies the coastal flavours. A great spot for some food in Barcelona at all times. From afterwork beers, Sunday brunch to a big meal if you’re feeling Hungary. The team behind Gringa have built a great community around themselves, with their unequivocal passionate for food at the core. Last year Gringa was nominated and won the best Fried Chicken Bun in the city, and they definitely deserve it. Don’t take our word for it though, head down and sample this delightful dish for yourself.

Location: Raval

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed: 7PM-11PM, Thur,Sun:1PM-4PM, 7-11PM, Fri-Sat: 1PM-4PM, 7PM-11PM

This is the second edition of our Barcelona food series, stay tuned as we have more amazing recommendations coming very soon. In the meanwhile check out our guide to the Best Food in Sant Antoni and the Ultimate El Poblenue Tapas Guide.

Oh and be sure to use the Like Locals app to sample some of the amazing restaurants and eateries in Barcelona. Available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

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