Amistat and Like Locals join forces

Amistat and Like Locals join forces


We are super excited to announce our partnership with Amistat hostel group!

Amistat operates in two locations in Spain, Barcelona and Ibiza, but soon enough they will be expanding their reach to other European countries, as well as other locations within Spain. It provides affordable accommodation and great facilities for young travellers.

The hostel by the beach in Barcelona is the perfect place to spend your nights (and days) when you visit the city, as it focuses on bringing people together and its all about providing the best and most authentic experiences to them as a group.

“Amistat” in Spanish means friendship, and that is what we are looking to build with our partners here at Like Locals. Establishing a good relationship with other businesses is only done if it is mutually beneficial, and it quickly became evident to us that with Amistat, we have aligned missions.

Both Like Locals and Amistat seek to offer something different to the millennial travellers, who are always looking out for new ways to improve their experience, interact with new people and immerse themselves in the local culture – without spending too much. Rather than just providing a place to sleep, this hostel has a number of diverse recommendations, one of which will soon be to download the Like Locals app and explore the city.

The Amistat experience

So before our first meeting with Maria, the Sales and Marketing Director at Amistat in Barcelona, we had done all the research, seen all the photos and read all about their offering. It sounded very interesting and we realized that our brands communicate similar messages, so we decided to get to know Amistat a bit better by going down as a team to Barcelona.

Our first visit truly exceeded our expectations.

The colourful interior and great location at the Poblenou, a stone’s throw away from the beach, provide a very lively and cool spot for travellers to rest at. With a large shared living room with round tables, coffee machines and a kitchen offering free pasta and lots of dining options, this place is the ideal hub for millennials.

As we sat down and talked with Maria, she made it very clear to us that this hostel is all about what they call the Amistat experience.

Our main focus is to explore new options and offer diverse, authentic recommendations to our guests. Here at Amistat we organise dinners every day for our guests, offer free pasta, take them to free guided tours around the area, and carry out together many more fun activities.

The sense of inclusion and community is very evident at Amistat, which makes it stand out from other hostels that we have been to.

To top it all off, when we climbed the stairs to the top floor, we came across this amazing wall painting, that captures brilliantly both Amistat’s and Like Locals’ message.

That’s when we knew that we have found the hostel version of Like Locals, and we are excited for what’s coming! So get ready to explore and share your own Footprints with the world through the app, which will become available in only 2 weeks’ time from now!

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